Noodler's Fox: Ink Review

Hello, everyone! My name is Micah, I am a Receiving Specialist here at Goulet. This month, I'm excited to share Noodler's Fox with you and tell you more about what makes this ink a must-try in my book. It is a no-nonsense matte red that writes well!

Noodler's Fox red fountain pen ink review


Drawing Inspiration and Technique

A drawing of a red fox using Noodler's Fox red fountain pen ink

The inspiration for this piece is pretty clear, I drew a fox because the ink is named Fox. I started out with a pencil to get my shapes and outlines right. When I was happy with it, I erased the pencil lines so they wouldn't be visible. Then I used a TWSBI ECO and drew over my erased pencil lines. I grabbed a brush pen and filled in the fox and added texture to the background. I kept it pretty simple but I think it shows off the ink well!


Ink Review

Noodler's Fox red fountain pen ink review

Flow: Wet

  • It has a dry feel when writing, but it is not scratchy, and has no trouble writing.
  • It flows well out of the nib

Dry Time: Less Than 5 Seconds

  • Very quick!
  • The ink does not smudge at all, even after 5 seconds

Water Resistance: High

  • The lines smudge a bit in the drip test swab but don't move at all in the individual drop spots.
  • The writing would still be legible on the page after water exposure.

Shading: Low

  • The color is pretty consistent, no shading apparent.

How did the ink behave on other papers?

  • This ink did bleed through a bit on all of the papers used in the swabs.
  • Some feathering and ghosting with wetter nibs.

Special Features Worth Noting?

  • It is what Nathan calls "eternal". He says this about it: "'Eternal' refers to any Noodler's Ink that resists the effects of time – moisture, humidity, UV light, acids, water exposure, and many common detergents such as dish soaps and household ammonia, as well as alcohols and acetone"

Noodler's Fox red fountain pen ink review


Comparable Inks:

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Noodler's Fox red fountain pen ink writing sample


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