Jacques Herbin Poussière de Lune: Ink Review

We chose Jacques Herbin Poussière de Lune to feature in this review. It is a delightfully deep purple that works well as an ink wash as well as in writing

Herbin Poussière de Lune writing sample
Herbin Poussière de Lune  writing sample
Close up of Herbin Poussière de Lune  ink

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):

  • Slow– this is a slow drying ink! Put it aside and wait 30+ seconds to avoid smearing
  • This ink is on the wetter side! If you are working with less than stellar paper, go for a Fine or Extra-Fine nib

Drip Test (Water Resistance):

  • Medium– This ink is fantastic when using it in art, but if you are looking for a permanent purple, look elsewhere. While you can still see the lines, it does blur a fair amount when water is added.


  • Medium– while this ink has a dark hue, it isn't quite as pigmented as some of the other inks I've done reviews on. You can definitely see a difference between the first swab line and the third.

Ease of Cleaning:

  • Medium– the darker shade makes it a bit more difficult to get off, but you won't need to scrub.


  • Medium– you can definitely see some differentiation in up and down strokes, but it isn't as prominent as other inks.


  • Medium-This is a wet ink, so plan your paper and nib use accordingly! Fine or Extra-Fine nibs unless you are using fountain pen friendly paper.

Packaging and Aesthetics:

  • 30ml bottle with a tastefully designed bottle
  • Comes in a nice box with the bottle inside
  • The bottle has a smaller opening, but still plenty of room to fit your pen in


Inks similar in color:

bottle and swab of Herbin Poussière de Lune
Diamine Damson ink
Kaweco Summer purple ink swab
Noodler's Le Raine Mauve ink swab


This a really beautiful smoky purple.

Artistic interpretation of flowers with Herbin Poussière de Lune  ink