Jacques Herbin Éclat de Saphir Ink Review

Welcome to my review of Jacques Herbin Éclat de Saphir! This is one of my favorite inks. It's a very popular blue ink, widely accepted as one of the nicer blues among the fountain pen enthusiasts. It's one of the more saturated Jacques Herbin inks, with nice flow and better-than-average permanence. I took some nice pictures and will let them speak for themselves. ;)

Writing sample of Eclat De Saphir fountain pen ink.

I tested with three pens, a 1.5mm Pelikan Script Calligraphy Pen, my own Goulet fine nib pen (why not?), and a Jacques Herbin glass pen. These 3 pens all write very differently and show the variation in shading.

Fountain pen and glass dip pens on Clairefontaine paper tablet
Writing sample of Eclat de Saphir fountain pen ink in a notebook with bottle of ink
Writing sample of Eclat De Saphir fountain pen ink with a glass dip pen

'Watercolor' picture, using a q-tip to swab the ink (and a J. Herbin Creapen to draw the outline) on a Clairefontaine Grafit sketchpad.

Water color drawing of a Sapphire on notebook with bottle of fountain pen ink
Drawing of a sapphire using fountain pen ink on a sketch book with felt pen