How to Create a Wax Seal

Adding a wax seal to your envelope is a great way to infuse a little flair and elegance into the act of mailing a letter. Herbin offers a variety of wax colors, so that you can find the hue that really represents you. Read on or watch the video above to see our step-by-step guide to creating the perfect wax seal!

Here are the tools you'll need:

Supplies for creating a wax seal


Steps to Create a Wax Seal:

  1. Heat Tip of Sealing Wax While Rotating 

    Using a torch, heat up the wax while rotating it to get even melting. The wax will begin to melt and drip so be sure to have it positioned over the spot where you want to seal your letter.

    Using a torch to melt a stick of sealing wax


  2. Let About 10 Drops of Wax to Collect Where You Wish To Seal

    You don't want a huge puddle of wax but enough for your seal to form. We estimated about 10 or so drops of wax should do the trick.

    A stick of silver sealing wax dripping onto paper


  3. Rub Tip of the Wax onto the Paper

    Use the heated end of the wax stick to swirl around the melted wax and create a circle for your seal to stamp.

    A hand pressing a melting stick of sealing wax onto paper


  4. Create a Moisture Barrier

    You will want to either breathe on the seal a few times before stamping or rest it on an ice pack while your heating the wax to create a moisture barrier so you get a clean release from the seal.

    A wax seal with wooden handle resting on an ice pack


  5. Stamp your Seal

    Press your seal into the hot wax and wait between 5-30 seconds until the seal is set.

    A hand creating a wax seal on an envelope


That's it! You've just created your wax seal!

A gold colored wax seal on a piece of paper