Ferris Wheel Press Queen and Castle: Ink Review


Ferris Wheel Press Queen & Castle Ink Swab


Ferris Wheel Press inks are creative and fun fountain pen inks handmade in Canada. We have loved getting familiar with their ink line over the course of this year.

The latest color to drop is Queen and Castle. This new ink is part of Chapter 7 of the Ferritales collection from Ferris Wheel Press.

Read on to see our review of this yellow-green ink with added rose gold shimmer.


Ferris Wheel Press Queen & Castle Ink Swab

Ink Performance

Queen and Castle goes down on paper as a gold color, and then dries more green. There was lots of shimmer both while writing and when dry, so a broad or stub nib would be a great choice when writing with this ink.

It does write somewhat dry, but then dries quickly, so that's another reason a broad, stub, or flex nib would be a great choice. It is not waterproof, so if that's what you're looking for, we recommend trying a different ink. Overall, this is a well behaved shimmering ink that is good for a lot of occasions.

Writing Sample Ink Review for Ferris Wheel Press Queen and Castle

Packaging & Availability

Ferris Wheel Press Queen and Castle fountain pen ink is available for a limited time at Goulet Pens in a beautifully packaged 20ml glass bottle, as well as our 2ml samples.

The 20ml miniature globe-shaped bottle is a perfect, petite size to keep on your desk. The round glass bottle features Ferris Wheel Press' signature hexagonal brass cap. An air-tight secure cap locking mechanism helps to prevent leaks. The neck of the bottle is wide enough to accommodate most pens.

If you're not ready to commit to a full bottle, our 2ml samples are a great way to test out an ink, or to use when traveling.