Diamine Syrah: Ink Review

Diamine just came out with several new colors not too long ago, one of which is Diamine Syrah. It's a truly wonderful color, one that's bound to be incredibly popular in the fountain pen world.

Bottle of Diamine Syrah and ink swab

In fact, it was popular even before it came out. Richard Binder, a popular nibmeister, apparently came up with his own mixture of 50/50 Waterman Purple and Sheaffer Skrip Red to create what was to be known as 'Binder Burgundy'.

Syrah was one of our first picks that we simply had to include in October 2010's 

This is just such a great color, I'm a huge fan. It seems there have been a slew of great reds coming out recently. Diamine just came out with three great reds, Syrah, Red Dragon, and Oxblood. J. Herbin has Rouge Hematite, too. But I'll focus on Syrah for this review!

I used my 4 favorite papers for testing Syrah:


Very pleasing color
Good value
Well performing all around
Nice shading

Darker, more saturated color means a little extra cleaning time
Takes a little longer to dry on fine papers
Little water resistance

Diamine Syrah is available in 80 ml bottles, 30ml bottles, 2ml samples, and ink cartridges