5 Ways to Give Small Notebooks Big Purpose

Have you ever had your eye on a particularly attractive tiny notebook, only to be stuck trying to figure out how to use it? We can relate. Besides their presence in our Notebook Sampler Package Set, small notebooks don't often get their moment in the spotlight. These genius little books certainly don't deserve to be overlooked though. To help them fulfill their big destinies, we've gathered our favorite uses for tiny notebooks.


Notebooks For Record or Reference

2 small notbeooks stacked on each other on a table with a coffee tumbler and other office supplies

Although they are small, these little books are perfectly portable and not at all cumbersome. If you need a safe space to store a log or information, be it a gym notebook, "currently inked" list, or a handy reference guide of notes and measurement, these are the books for you! Try using your notebook for:

  • Tracking habits or progress, like a gym workout log, food diary, or tracking smaller tasks within a larger project
  • Keeping important or useful information, like dates, measurements, or instructions, within reach
  • Maintaining a running swab book of inks or a list of currently inked pens

On the GPC team: Katie uses her tiny Apica to keep a running list (with ratings) of different restaurants' spinach-artichoke dips; Jeremy uses small notebooks to mix inks and test nib grinds. Checkout our Apica Brand Overview!


On-The-Go Notebooks

A blue Clairefontaine notebook with a set of keys and purse straps on a table

Keep a tiny notebook in your car or bag for those times when you'll inevitably need a piece of paper. You can even keep an inexpensive pen attached to it so you're always ready. Here are some instances in which a small notebook is perfect for on-the-go use:

  • You can easily fit a small notebook in a pocket or bag to function as a to-do or shopping list, a Getting Things Done capture device, or an handy purchase tracker.
  • Smaller notebooks fit perfectly in the glove box or console of a car. They are great for important jobs like tracking mileage or making a list for errands stops, additionally they provide a place to keep scores and lists for road trip games.

On the GPC team: Drew uses his Maruman Mnemosyne 192 in his pocket to jot down reminders for memory retention; Adrianne swears by her Field Notes for recording board game scores; Adam brings his Traveler's Passport along as a wallet and shopping list combined!


Around the House

2 fountain pens lying on open notebooks with hand written lists

Undoubtedly, chores and bills can be overwhelming. Many household duties become infinitely easier when you can keep track of them and break them down into smaller steps. Try a small notebook for these tasks at home:

  • Tracking chores to be done around the house
  • Jotting down recipe notes
  • Logging bills and expenses, due dates, and the dates they were paid

    For Yourself

     Travelers Fountain pen and notebook on a desk with a vase of flowers

    Who says your notebook has to be all work and no fun? Use a tiny notebook to add a dash of whimsy to your daily writing tasks by using it for creative purposes. Here are some ideas:

    • A diary to catalog an event like a trip, pregnancy, or weight loss
    • A dream journal on your bedside table for ease of access
    • A place for portable sketching or handwriting practice

    On the GPC team: Brian K keeps his Goulet notebook on his desk to keep track of ink tests


    For Others

    Some flower petals in a small notebook with a piece of string on a desk

    What better gift than one you created by hand for a special someone? Use a tiny notebook to jot down favorite notes, quotes, or memories and give it to a loved one. Here are some things you can include:

    • Inspirational quotes
    • Song lyrics
    • Favorite memories
    • Notes of encouragement for tough days

    No matter how you choose to use them, we're certain you'll soon wonder how you could have done without a small notebook before.

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