5 Ways to Use Your Fountain Pens at Home

Many of us are finding ourselves with more time at home right now. If you want to find ways to fill your time and use your fountain pens at the same time, we've got 5 things you can do while staying home.

1. Clean your pens

This is the perfect time to clean your collection of pens! Take an evening or afternoon and clean them out so you're ready to refill. We've got tons of resources to walk you through it like our Pen Cleaning Cartridge / Converter Video here and Fountain Pen 101 cleaning tips here.

2. Catalog your ink

You may find yourself not being able to remember what ink is in what pen, or what ink your already own. A few ideas to help with this include, using Col-o-ring notecards or regular index cards to swab your inks so you know what colors you have. You could start a new journal and do the same swabbing to see your ink samples laid out by color or brand. Finally, you could take all of the ink samples you have and sort them out by brand, color, or property so you can easily grab what you're looking for.

3. Write a letter

We all would be delighted to find something happy in our mailbox. It gives us reasons to get outside to drop something in the mail too! Birthday cards, anniversary cards, or just a note to say thanks are all easy ideas.

4. Start journaling to remember this time

This is certainly a unique season we're all in. If you're looking for a way to get your thoughts out of your head, journaling with your favorite fountain pen might be a great option. You can use prompts such as "Today I am thankful for…"

5. Try something new for the fun of it

Get creative! Consider using your fountain pens to try doodling, hand lettering, sketching, or transcribing quotes. There are tons of resources and accounts especially on Instagram and YouTube to help you get inspired. Or if you get creative in the kitchen and start baking, share the recipe with us too!