on saleGirologio Writing Mat - Navy

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on saleGirologio Writing Mat - Navy

Product Code GG-GWMBlu

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Upgrade your desk with a Girologio Writing Mat! Measuring 17.75" wide by 13" tall, this navy blue leather desk pad/blotter serves as a comfortable writing surface.

This versatile writing pad also helps protect your desk from inky mishaps, and can even serve as a mousepad.

The Girologio Writing Mats are made from Eco-friendly leather. Sourced from Tuscany, Italy, the reconstituted leather is made from 100% post-consumer leather products. After being formed into sheets, dyed, and cut, the reconstituted leather is then attached to a foam backer.

We ship this writing mat gently rolled up, protected for shipping.

Thickness - Overall

How thick the notebook is from front to back, including the cover.

1.5mm (0.06in)
Exterior Material
Height (in)
Height (mm)
Width (in)
Width (mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Adam W.
As advertised

It's a smooth writing surface and the color is as described. Mine has been unrolled for a few weeks now and still has a curls are the corners despite me putting weights on them and trying to bend them backwards. If you're looking for a totally flat writing surface, this product may not work for you.

Perfect size

Perfect size and overall quality is great. Enjoy using it everyday.

Caroline R.
Very soft surface

I love this mat so much that I will probably purchase a second one. I initially purchased it for my office desk, because I like to have a slightly "bouncy" surface under my sheet of paper. If I write in a notebook that's ok because the other pages act as a mattress, but if I am working on a single document page, I need a plumpy surface underneath it to make the writing experience enjoyable. I had a mat made of beautiful leather, but it was a little harsh and stiff, so I wanted something softer - I have always been peculiar and picky with this kind of detail, when writing is concerned (I am difficult to please !)This Girologio mat is exactly what I was looking for. Very comfortable as an underneath surface to place your paper on. I got the navy one, it's a quite dark, almost black blue, elegant and discreet. Also it wipes clean with a simple wet sponge, very easy. I like it so much that I kept it for my writing table at home, so I still need one for my office desk ; which is why I am considering purchasing a second one. I recommend it if you want a simple but neat, and comfortable, writing mat.

Girologio Writing Mat - Navy

The mat is flawless, is great for its intended purpose, and takes the brunt of things which fall from the shelf above. Very stable; does not slide on desk. Smooth mat surface is comfortable for writing. Came rolled and flattened almost immediately. Gorgeous blue/navy. Exceedingly superb product. Will order another to provide more mat surface area.

Mark B.
Blue Writing Mat

The writing mat came rolled up, just as in the description. I laid it flat with some notebooks on it and it was usable in about a half hour. The blue is a dark, flat color, which is why I chose it. I've used paper from Rhodia to copy paper to cheap bulk paper, all single sheet. I've used EF to broad nibs. No issues at all with my pens piercing or scratching the paper. The only drawback is that it slides easily on my desk.All in all, an excellent product. I will buy at least one more for home use.

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