on saleRhodia No. 18 Premium A4 Notepad - Black, Lined

Product Code RH-182012C

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on saleRhodia No. 18 Premium A4 Notepad - Black, Lined

Product Code RH-182012C

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This A4-sized black Rhodia notepad features 70 sheets of premium ivory 90g acid-free, pH neutral ruled paper. Lines are spaced 7mm apart. Each sheet is microperforated at the top for easy and clean removal. The top stapled 'soft touch' cover folds back cleanly, and there is a hard cardboard back for writing support. These economical pads are a favorite of artists, designers, writers, and notebook fans for notes, sketching, and hand drafting. People love them for their smooth paper and iconic cover.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Kenneth H.
A nice large pad of paper.

Love the size of this pad of paper. Although Rhodia does not shine in bringing out sheen in my pens and ink, I really love a large pad of paper that I use to practice my penmanship.

Glenn D.
First and likely my staple for fountain pen paper!

This paper feels amazing to both the touch and the feel of a pen moving on top of it. I've made notes regarding some of the pens and inks I've used with the paper � Pilot Metropolitan (fine nib) - - Noodler's Antietam Ink: Reasonably quick to dry, no bleedthrough, no feathering. - Noodler's Massachusetts 54th - Slightly slower to dry than Antietam, very light bleedthrough on normal writing pressure - Noodler's Dark Matter: Reasonably quick to dry, no bleedthrough on normal writing pressure, slight but barely noticeable feathering. � Noodler's Ahab (Flex nib): - None of these inks interact a hundredth of as bad as this pen smells fresh out the box. - Only difference is that the flex nib allows for ink to puddle and bleed through easier, but still takes 2-3 strokes per character/symbol/line to do so. � Monteverde Ritma (JoWo Onmiflex): - Company's complimentary black disposable cartridge did not bleed through nor feather. � LAMY Joy Calligraphy Pen (1.5mm Stub): - Complimentary LAMY Blue did not feather nor bleed through without excessive ink pooling. - Noodler's Massachusetts 54th bleeds through considerably as this wetter ink is applied in much greater amounts than the dryer complimentary LAMY Blue. - Pen eventually pulled fibers from paper when applying multiple strokes in the same line; assuming this is more caused by the nature of the stub nib as the rest of the pens did not.

Joseph V.
Excellent service as always!

I use Rhodia R paper exclusively for penmanship using a fountain pen!

Ned L.
Really good paper, but not elegant.

If you want elegant, lined, white paper, Rhodia No. 18 Premium is not what you're after. Don't get me wrong, this is really great paper for fountain pens, but it sports a yellow cast that is characterized as 'off-white / ivory' in the description. It's not a bright legal pad yellow. It's more mellow than that and pleasant. It doesn't seem to throw off the color of the basic blue, black, and brown-inks I use. I enjoy using this paper and wanted you to be forewarned. The sheet count (70) at this price beats the Clairefontaine unit price. My more casual letters go out on Rhodia, the more formal on Clairefontaine.

George G.
Smoothest paper I've used!

This is a great tablet. It feels great to write on with my fountain pens and I can't wait to get many more.