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on saleEndless Explorer A5 Refillable Leather Journal


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Say hello to your new companion.

Bustling streets. Shrouded mountains. Crashing waves. The touch of supple full-grain leather, the sound of pen scratching on paper, the rustling of the pages in your journal; meet your new companion for all the places you find your feet and mind taking you.

The Explorer is a canvas waiting for you to ink your thoughts and ideas.

This Goulet Pens-exclusive refillable journal consists of a caramel brown full-grain leather soft cover with an included notebook. Our custom-designed Endless Storyboard notebook is a true A5 size and features a dark blue cover and a 7mm dot grid ruling. It also comes with an optional pen loop that you can attach to the cover!

You can refill this Endless Explorer with another A5 notebook of your choosing; extra holding bands are included so you can have a total of up to three notebooks inside. Instructions are included.

The Endless Regalia paper is a thick 80gsm acid-free proprietary paper made in-house for your joy. With one of the best color reproductions of ink on any paper, experience sheening and shading like never before.

All 128 pages (64 sheets) are completely acid-free with minimal-to-no bleeding, ghosting, or feathering, so you have the smoothest writing experience. Our custom larger 7mm dot grid ruling gives you greater flexibility to use pens with broader nibs.

Endless Stationery is designed in Madras, made in India.

Note: there is a typo on the back of the Explorer Box that incorrectly indicates it is made of Cactus Leather instead of full-grain leather.

Thickness - Overall

How thick the notebook is from front to back, including the cover.

26.0mm (1.02in)
Size - Overall

The general international paper size, including options such as A4, A5, B5, Pocket, etc. Click here to read our guide on paper sizes.

Binding Orientation
Cover Material
Cover Thickness
2.0mm (0.08in)
Paper Color
Paper Weight
Sheet Count

The number of individual pieces of paper in the notebook (whereas pages refers to each side of a sheet). 1 sheet = 2 pages.

Height (in)
Height (mm)
Width (in)
Width (mm)
Line Spacing
Ruling Type
Dot Grid

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Endless Explorer A5 Suggestions for the pen holder

I love the texture of the journal covers, the paper works well and I will use Goulet A5 lined for refills. I noticed in the reviews before I ordered that the pen holder was awkward. I use fountain pens and I was not going to use it as a pen holder anyway. I figured it would be great to use with my daily missal (odd catholic book about the size of a thick A5) It is. If you have a similar book that tends to have the backs separate from the spine or you keep an emergency novel you leave in your car, repurpose that pen holder and stick an ordinary pen in it. I have been using rubber bands but t the pen holder is better.


Amazing, this item came as promised looking beautiful and came in the mail fast! I can see it lasting me many years though the paper wasn't the best for fountain pens like I normally use it wasn't a huge issue since I have other notebook refills I swapped that out for

Cathleen B.
Just what I wanted!

I'm a big fan of refillable leather notebook covers, and A5 is my favorite size. This one is especially portable (slimmer and lighter than my others) and a nice piece. I agree with another reviewer in that I'm a little ambivalent about the pen holder. A nice feature, but I think I need to start removing it while writing because it gets in the way. I put the elastic closure strap on the outside of the loop instead of underneath as pictured. In short, I really like this piece and am very happy with my purchase.

It was a gift.

The recipient loves it!

cover feels luxurious and simple all at the same time

I love the look and feel of this cover. The leather feels soft and supple and luxurious. I like the endless regalia paper as well. It has just a bit more tooth then rhodia or clairfontaine. When I first felt the paper I was not sure that I was going to like it, but actually writing on it and I really enjoy it. I wish the dot grid was smaller, the 7mm dot grid is too spaced out for my taste, but there are plenty of other notebooks you can fill it with. I will probably use a goulet tomoe river paper soft cover notebook when I have filled this one.

FAQs about Paper

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We've got a great article on our blog about common paper sizes here.

What's your return policy? 8EDA1617-F73A-4DAF-8245-6D2BF4ABEB7B

We do not accept returns for paper products that have been used. Otherwise, we accept returns for up to 30 days from purchase. You can read all our Return Policies here.

To initiate a return, please submit a request at the Return Portal. Our Customer Care team might reach out to you for more information.