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on saleGoulet Pencast Sticker Sheet

Product Code GP-45123

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Behold! The most superfluous and extemporaneous collection of stickers you've ever seen! If you've ever seen an episode of The Goulet Pencast, you already know that things can go off the rails a bit. These stickers celebrate the tangential and extraneous topics that find their way into the show, so that they can likewise find a way onto your journal or water bottle.

This sticker sheet is made from durable vinyl that resists scratching, heat, water and sunlight. You can put these stickers on your notebook cover, your favorite mug, your car window, or wherever you'd like!

The overall sticker sheet size is 6" wide by 4" tall. 

Sticker context (from left to right):

"Travel Log": During the Pencast's trip to the DC Pen Show in 2023, Drew asked logging and woodcraft enthusiast Brian if he had brought a "travel log" with him to cut. A Pencast listener decided to immortalize this vision into a Brian sticker, with his travel log hoisted upon his shoulder!

"The Goulet Pencast Logo": Pretty self-explanatory.

"Turkey Hammock": Perhaps the most well-known Pencast gag, in an effort to find out how many people actually watched the 2hr long Pencast to the very end, Drew challenged listeners to comment the nonsense words "Turkey Hammock" in the comments. To his surprise, the comments were shockingly loaded with Turkey Hammocks, and thus the phrase continues to be used to describe the bitter end of the show where things really start going off the rails.

"Quantity IS Quality": Brian once compared his large pen collection to a library - insisting that a better library means more books. Drew considered that perhaps what makes a library great isn't the quantity, but the quality. Brian then replied with, "Quantity IS quality". Many Pencast friends felt connected to that pen acquisition mantra, so the quote is now available in sticker form!

"Corgi Kaiju": This is Drew's answer to the question, "If you could custom design any Namiki Emperor maki-e, what would the artwork look like?" Drew knew immediately that he wanted a Godzilla-scale Corgi beast emerging from a volcano. He then commissioned the sticker design to be given away exclusively to attendees of the live Pencast event at the DC Pen Show in 2023. Now, we're making that limited offering available to anyone who wants it! Fun fact - the Corgi in the design is one of Drew's dogs (Hank).


Customer Reviews

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Love them

Great for any pencast fan and excellent quality stickers

Tia S.D.
Silly Stickers were the perfect gift

My husband listens to the pencast and as a result, I listen to the pencast. I recently bought the husband a new pen and threw these in for fun. They were a fun little surprise for him.

Carmelita Y.
Pencast Sticker sheet

They are just SO fun to have on my journals!

Fun Sticker Set!!

These stickers are fun to put on your FP friendly notebooks or many other items!

Ellen G.
Goulet Pencast Sticker Sheet

They are so cute- haven't had a chance to use them yet. Love watching the pencasts while washing my dishes :)))