on saleConklin/Monteverde JoWo Omniflex #6 Steel Nib Unit - Rose Gold

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on saleConklin/Monteverde JoWo Omniflex #6 Steel Nib Unit - Rose Gold

Product Code JW12139

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Rose Gold

This rose gold replacement Conklin/Monteverde Omniflex #6 steel fountain pen nib unit made by JoWo will fit into most Conklin and Monteverde pens that accept a #6 nib.

This nib comes installed on a Conklin/Monteverde housing and feed. This nib is a standard #6 size JoWo nib, so it’ll be compatible with many other pens that are built to house #6 nibs. However, the threading on the housing may not be compatible with pens made by companies other than Monteverde and Conklin. In those instances, in order to replace another pen’s nib you’ll need to pull the Omniflex nib out of the housing before an attempt can be made to install it.

As with any modification or alteration to a pen, there exists the possibility of incompatibility, risk of damage, and warranty nullification. So keep these things in mind while you’re (carefully) exploring new possibilities! Our team will do our best to try to communicate where housing compatibility exists, but we will not have an answer for all pens so understand you may have to guess or experiment on your own.

Both the feed and housing are included.

Our note about the JoWo Omniflex nib: This flex nib will allow you to experience more bounce and softness than writing with conventional nibs. You can achieve some line variation with a little additional downward pressure, to a point. We recommend flexing the nib to about twice the line width that you would see without using any pressure. Please take care to avoid pressing too hard on the nib, as over-flexing could prevent the tines from returning fully to their original position and decrease or stop your ink flow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Finer than a 1.1mm stub

I'm glad I tried this with my Monteverde pen. The original 1.1mm stub wrote a little heavy. The omniflex nib is finer but has a variation of flow that is fun to use on good paper and really highlights the unique qualities of the ink.

Brent M.
Big Improvement

Got if for my Conklin 1890 after the stock nib, an EF, because it was a hard starter. Loved the pen, not happy with the nib. This Omniflex has been a big improvement! I can leave it on the shelf for days and it writes at first touch to paper. I took the old nib and put it in my destroyed nib on the Maiora Aventus that was scraping against the torus screw at the bottom of the cap. I removed the screw, put in a counter sunk flat screw (eliminating the nib destroying scraping). Vola! Two working pens for the price of a great nib.

Raymond F.
Doesn't work

Doesn't work. Can't get the ink to flow.

Terry S.
Pretty, but average.

A rating of 3 seemed appropriate, which I define as 'average.' Flexibility is barely perceptible and with deliberate pressure the width only goes from fine to medium. Normal writing produces line widths comparable to a firm fine nib. There is very little variation as one would expect from a flexible nib.Frequently, the first stroke of a word will be dry, particularly if the stroke is straight instead of curved. Back strokes have a very slight scratchiness, not huge, but noticeable if you're attentive. In spite of the above, I enjoy writing with this nib, and have only been using it for about a month. We're still getting acquainted. It will be interesting to see if flexibility, width variation, wet start and the small scratchiness improve with use. Maybe after sliding across miles of paper surface, the tip will become burnished and the flex/width will improve. Time will tell

Unusable - Feed issues

This nib has a wonderful feel and classy line variation if/when it lays down ink I have had nothing but issues with it when it comes to vertical strokes, it's unusable. Seems to feed fine when the writing is curved, but chokes if not. I have flushed the feed, soaked the feed in pen flush, removed the nib from the feed - all no luck. The tines appear fine under a loupe and it doesn't drag. The ink is Waterman Intense Black. I bought an aftermarket ebonite feed for giggles, but that makes this purchase very impractical in overall price.