TWSBI Mini Review

TWSBI announced their Mini a long time ago, and it has finally landed in my hands. I only received a limited supply of them, but still couldn't resist shooting a video because I knew how many questions I'd get about them and how they compare to the 540. In fact, I didn't even get any of the ‘Classic' Minis, but had to Frankenpen one up to show what it looks like.

In the top video, I cover:

  • TWSBI Mini unboxing (0:20)
  • TWSBI Mini compared to 540 (1:58)
  • Aligning the clip to the nib when posted (4:33)
  • Mini, 540 Schmidt, 540 Bock nib comparison (6:22)
  • Hack swap of a 540 nib on a Mini (9:35)
  • Showing TWSBI Mini clear, black, and classic (11:00)
  • Filling the Mini (12:35, 14:20)
  • Removing the piston mechanism (13:20)
  • Showing ink capacity of the Mini (14:58)
  • Mini writing with EF nib (15:35)
  • Mini EF nib compared to 540 EF nib (16:40)

In the video, I use the following materials:

In the first video, I touched on the fact that I thought the 540 nib might fit on the Mini. I did a little further investigation, and it looks like it will work. I covered my findings in the second video, and I also clear up the difference between the older Schmidt 540 nibs and newer Bock nibs.

As always, I'm a retailer so take everything I say with that in mind. I carry these pens at my site but they're available at other retailers as well as directly from TWSBI, too. You can also see writing samples I did of all the TWSBI Mini nibs (EF, F, M, and B) and how they compare to all the other pens I have in the Nib Nook.

TWSBI mini clear fountain pen

TWSBI Mini Clear


TWSBI mini classic fountain pen, uncapped

TWSBI Mini Classic