The Best Fountain Pens under $45

What are the best pens fountain pens under $45? In this video, our own Drew Brown tackles these questions and comes up with a few hot takes, and a great list. These fountain pens under $45 are perfect for gift-giving or adding to your Everyday Carry collection.

The List:

Kaweco Sport

Coming at $25, this collection could have made the 7 Fountain Pens Under $25 That You Should See! video and blog, but we decided that at exactly $25 it belonged in this list instead. Pocket-sized when capped, and full-size when posted, this pen is a steal!


The newest model from TWSBI does not disappoint. It comes with three different filling mechanisms: a spring-loaded piston converter, a traditional twist piston converter, and TWSBI proprietary ink cartridges. One of each is included! You can also fill the entire barrel with ink with an eyedropper, so this fountain pen under $45 has versatility as well as a great writing experience.

Platinum Plaisir

This aluminum-bodied pen has the built-in "Slip & Seal Mechanism" in the cap which prevents ink from drying out in the pen even after a year, offering stress-free smooth writing feel at any time. The nib is the same Platinum nib you know and love, but this aluminum body makes it a great daily carry.

LAMY Al-Star

Known for its clean lines and triangular grip section, the LAMY Al-Star is loved by fountain pen lovers of all levels of experience. The interchangeable nib and converter and cartridge options make this a must-have for any collection.

Pilot Kakuno

Kakuno is a delightful fountain pen that is ideal for both first-time fountain pen users and experienced writers. "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and that's just what this pen helps users to do. Check out our Pilot Kakuno: Quick Look post for more info on this stealthy pen.

Pilot Explorer

This resin pen has a matte metallic finish and is complemented by a black trim. It has a snap cap, and a stainless steel nib, and comes with a Pilot ink cartridge as well as a CON-B squeeze converter, so you are ready to write at any time!


Arguably the most popular pen by TWSBI, this piston-filling demonstrator has a screw cap and a huge ink capacity. Easy to fill, easy to use, and easy to clean, it's easy to add to your collection.

Each of these fountain pens under $45 will elevate your writing experience, without breaking the bank.