Best Fountain Pens Under $60

For many people, $60 can be used in lots of ways. For example, you can spend $60 on a new video game, a month at the gym, or a quick takeout dinner for two. For $60, you can also get a fantastic fountain pen! That's why we've compiled a list of six fountain pens under $60 that will knock your socks off!


Conklin Duragraph ($60)

The Conklin Duragraph is Conklin's most popular pen. It comes in a plethora of unique colors and finishes, but new ones are always in production. After selecting a design that speaks to you, you now have a pen that takes a standard international converter and a #6 JoWo steel nib, which are both easily replaceable. It's user-friendly and a tried and tested staple in the $60 zone!

Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pens


LAMY CP1 ($60)

The LAMY CP1 is a metal, matte black pen with some weight to it, but it still has a slim shape. If you like a narrow fountain pen, the CP1 is probably the go-to choice, regardless of budget. As with most LAMY pens, the nib is easy to remove and replace. If you'd like, you can add new life to your pen later down the line by picking up a different nib size. 

One of this pen's best features is its clip. The stainless steel, spring-loaded clip slightly echoes the LAMY 2000, but the CP1 is very much its own thing, although it's often overlooked.

LAMY cp1 Fountain Pen - Black


Traveler's Company Brass Pen ($57)

The Traveler's Brass Pen is beloved by many, including Brian Goulet himself! 

This writing tool is unobtrusive in the pocket and constructed well enough to put it through some abuse without malfunctions. When it's capped, it's a tiny pen, but once you post it, it's full-sized and writes like a charm. Since it's a compact pen, you'll be limited to using cartridges, but because this is a more practical and utilitarian pen, that makes sense. Don't be fooled – this pen isn't sacrificing form for function. The capping and posting function is well-designed and engineered with an ultra-satisfying action.

Traveler's Company Brass Fountain Pen


TWSBI Vac Mini ($60)

One of the most fun ways to spend $60 on a fountain pen would be to pick up a vacuum filler. The TWSBI Vac Mini is an excellent choice for several reasons. You get the heavy-duty ink capacity of an internal-filling pen, although this one is fairly compact. Using a vacuum-filling fountain pen is fun and travel-friendly, making it a great choice in the magical land of 60 bucks.

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pens

Another exciting thing about the TWSBI Vac Mini is that it works amazingly well with TWSBI's Vac 20A inkwell. You can fill the Vac Mini from a bottle or sample, sure. But the TWSBI inkwell allows you to thread the pen onto the opening, flip it upside-down, and get your ink reservoir completely full.

TWSBI Vac 20A Inkwells


Pilot Prera ($60)

The Pilot Prera is well-known for the satisfying sound and feel of its cap, but it has other redeeming qualities that have put it on this list. This tool writes like a charm and has a unique assortment of color-accented demonstrator options if you're just looking for a hint of color.

Pilot Prera Fountain Pens


Monteverde Innova - Blue Skies ($60)

The Monteverde Innova Blue Skies fountain pen has a lot going on for just $60. This special edition pen comes in a set and includes a stainless steel JoWo German nib and a matching Blue Skies fountain pen ink closely resembling the notable Goulet Pens blue.

The Innova Blue Skies is a beautiful writing tool that the most dedicated enthusiast may price at more than $100, but you can get the pen and ink for just $60. You can't beat that!

Monteverde Innova Blue Skies Fountain Pen Set

That's our list of recommended fountain pens priced at $60 or less, and this price range is full of incredible options! If you're looking for pens at a lower price point, check out our best $25 and under recommendations. 

If you'd like to get a sense of how big some of these pens are, you can use our Pen Plaza comparison tool or contact our Customer Care team. Have fun and write on!


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