Top Demonstrator Fountain Pens

As a true fountain pen enthusiast and avid acquirer, I've encountered quite a few throughout the years, including many "demonstrator" pens.

Demonstrator fountain pens got their name several decades ago after pen manufacturers and distributors devised a way to educate salespeople about how fountain pens worked. They used cut-away pens with labeled parts to show the pen's inner workings, eventually producing functional, transparent versions of pens that showed all the details inside, which salespeople would show their customers. As it turns out, fountain pen enthusiasts thought this was a cool and unique feature and wanted to purchase these transparent pens, and thus, the demonstrator-style fountain pen was born!

Beyond their visual allure, demonstrators come in various styles, from modern to minimalist design, from clear to translucent colors. That's why I'm listing my top seven demonstrator fountain pens in my collection to help you decide which one works best for you!

Clear fountain pens



TWSBI is a brand renowned for its fantastic array of demonstrator fountain pens, which make up almost the entirety of their lineup. Among their iconic list of products, the TWSBI ECO stands out the most. 

The ECO strikes a balance between affordability and exceptional clarity, offering a crystal-clear body that allows you to marvel at the pen's inner workings. While there are variations with solid cap colors, many ECOs come in translucent demonstrator styles, which I personally adore because you can still see what's going on, but you're not as likely to obsess about every little droplet of ink in the cap.

For those who appreciate a bit of industrial flair, the 580, 580AL and 580ALR versions deserve an honorable mention. These models look striking and showcase the piston rod within the filling mechanism, enhancing the pen's overall aesthetic.

TWSBI ECO fountain pens


Platinum Preppy 

One of my very first demonstrator fountain pens was the Platinum Preppy, and I bought it specifically because of its reputation as an ideal candidate for eyedropper conversion. For just a few dollars, you can get your hands on one of these and experiment with this filling method. You can even throw on a little silicone grease and maybe an o-ring so your pen can hold a massive load of ink without buying a converter. Because you have the option to use cartridges or converters, this pen also offers much versatility!

Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - Crystal


LAMY vista

Let's dive into the LAMY vista, a fountain pen that may look oddly familiar – for a good reason! Originally, this fountain pen model was called the LAMY safari vista because it was pretty much the clear version of the safari. Over time, the "safari" part dropped, and most people refer to this pen as the vista, which symbolizes the clear and delightful view it offers. 

The vista stands as LAMY's sole demonstrator fountain pen and leaves me wondering why LAMY hasn't explored this captivating style in more of their models (LAMY 2000, anyone?). This premium fountain pen has all the features of a safari, including an ink window. The irony of a clear pen having an ink window isn't lost on me, and it's safe to say this pen is not eyedropper-convertible!

LAMY vista fountain pen - black (special edition)


Opus 88 Demo

Next on my list is Opus 88, a fountain pen brand known for its array of variants and models. However, the original clear Opus 88 Demonstrator reigns as the flagship and our top pick. This pen is intentionally designed as an eyedropper pen, featuring a rod that might resemble a piston or vacuum, but serves as a stopper to prevent ink burping during travel since this pen can hold a lot of fountain pen ink, 3.56 ml to be exact.

The pen's design is elegance personified – clean, sleek, and simply beautiful. I'm particularly enamored with the thick, clear finials at both ends. While it's a pretty large pen in size, it's surprisingly lightweight, making it the perfect choice if you have to write constantly.

Opus 88 Demonstrator Fountain Pen - Clear


Pilot Custom 823 

The Pilot Custom 823 had to absolutely be included on this list. When compiling my choices, I struggled with choosing the Custom 823 or the Pilot Custom 74, which has some lovely colors and is a personal favorite of mine. However, when it comes to being a demonstrator pen, the 823 takes the spotlight for its sheer impressiveness. This vacuum-filling pen offers a unique filling experience that's a joy to watch in action, especially for someone like me who enjoys tinkering with pens. Beyond its cool factor, it's a stellar writing instrument with a well-deserved reputation in the pen community.

Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pens


Sailor 1911L/S Clear

Next, we have the Sailor 1911L and S fountain pens in Transparent Clear/Gold. When it comes to the Sailor brand, choosing just one pen is nearly impossible for me, and it's not even about the model or color, but the sheer variety Sailor offers. We feature a whopping 136 different Sailor pens on our website, many of which boast demonstrator elements. Personally, I lean towards the larger models due to my hand size, but Sailor crafts outstanding pens across their entire range. 

Keep in mind that Sailor's demonstrators typically use cartridge/converter filling systems, so you might miss out on some ink-sloshing fun. But the impeccable fit and finish of these pens, coupled with their vibrant colors, more than makeup for it! Among the numerous options, I find myself drawn to the Veilio, Northern Lights Blue, Freshwater Jellyfish, and Lucky Charm colors.

Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen - Transparent Clear/Gold


Platinum #3776 Century - Kumpoo

The last pen on my list is a bit of a tease, I must admit! The limited edition 2018 Platinum #3776 Century Kumpoo has the most perfect translucent teal I've ever seen in a pen. This rare find is likely to come with a premium price tag because it's beloved by so many. 

Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen - Kumpoo (Limited Edition)

What makes this pen so special? Well, the flowing texture that represents the breeze through the greenery of Mt. Fuji is simply remarkable. Another fascinating aspect of a Platinum #3776 Century demonstrator is its ability to showcase the Slip-n-Seal cap mechanism in action. Just to clarify, we don't have any lying around here; they all found new homes six years ago. This particular one you see at Goulet Pens is a part of our history and is not up for sale. We do have the Oshino model if you’re looking for a clear, regular edition #3776 Century.

Platinum #3776 Century Oshino fountain pen

Well, that's my list of top demonstrator pens! Although I mentioned some classic demonstrators, new models are always coming out. If you have any questions, contact our Customer Care team, who will be ecstatic to help you find your dream demonstrator fountain pen. Write on!

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