The Best Fountain Pen of Each Brand

If you've ever asked yourself what's the best fountain pen in each brand then this video is for you! If you've not asked yourself that question, how would you know what to consider? I've put together this list of the best fountain pen to represent their respective brand. Watch the video to see as I share my picks and my (very subjective) reasons for why these pens are the best! 


The List:

Kaweco: AL Sport

Kaweco knows how to do pocket pens. When you think of Kaweco, you think of a Sport. The Classic Sport is well-known and quite popular, but the Kaweco AL Sport is my pick to represent House Kaweco. It's aluminum, so it's lightweight. However, this also means it's durable, so it can go with you anywhere for any reason. It has all of the classic elements of a Kaweco while also showing off its soft-to-the-touch anodization. Despite being a metal pen, it's warm and smooth in the hand – something you might not expect just by looking at it.

A teal Kaweco fountain pen on a yellow notebook


Platinum: Preppy

The Platinum #3776 Century is a fantastic pen – there is no question about that. Many even consider it to be Platinum's “signature” model. Known for its beautiful gold nib, and annual releases of stunning limited editions this pen is a front-runner when looking at Platinum. But it's not my pick.

My pick is the Platinum Preppy. The Preppy represents House Platinum because this little pen has succeeded in a zone that no other brand has. It's Platinum's secret weapon – a really affordable (but not disposable) fountain pen that writes well, can be eyedropper converted, and has an excellent airtight cap. You really can't beat the Preppy for value and performance, which is why this is my best fountain pen pick from Platinum.

Platinum Preppy fountain pens in a row


TWSBI: 580

It was hard to choose a representative for House TWSBI. Their catalog of pens is well-balanced in terms of features & benefits. Sometimes, a brand has so many great pens to pick from, it's hard to narrow it down. This is the case for TWSBI, so I decided to stick to the classic TWSBI 580.

The 580 is TWSBI at its best; easy to maintain, crystal clear, and its performance surpasses its price tag. The 580 also incorporates the signature TWSBI style. Both the ECO and the 580 get new colors released each year, but the 580's limited edition designs tend to feature more customized components. For this reason, it's my House TWSBI pick.

A clear TWSBI 580 fountain pen on a white notebook


Sailor: Pro Gear

Okay, time for Sailor. The Pro Gear represents House Sailor well. Not the Pro Gear Slim, not the King of Pens, not the 1911, either; the mid-sized Pro Gear is where it's at. It's right in the middle in terms of size and cost. Yes, all Sailor pens write well and write consistently. However Sailor has been crushing it with color variety, and they're using the Pro Gear to do it. The shallow finials on the ends of the Pro Gear allow for a hint of contrasting resins, and unlike the 1911, the Pro Gears have the added option of a themed medallion laid into the top.

Check out our Sailor Brand Overview for more information about Sailor pens.

Five colorful Sailor Pro Gear fountain pens


Pelikan: M1000

With Pelikan, there is basically one pen style. They are different sizes depending on if you pick the M200, the M400, the M600, the M800, or the M1000; each one is larger than the last.

If you want a pen that represents Pelikan at its best, it's the M1000. Yes, it's big; everything about this pen makes you stop and pay attention. The nib is massive and smooth and features one of the most striking imprints in the industry. While you won't go wrong with any Pelikan, the M1000 is just something special.

two Pelikan M1000 fountain pens, one in black and one in green


Pilot: Custom 823

It would be pretty easy to make a case for a few different Pilot pens. It's also pretty easy to say that Pilot should put forth the Pilot Custom 823 as their mascot for the best fountain pen in their brand. The 823 has proven itself to be a worthy representative throughout the years.

Where other pens have received limited editions and new colors, the 823 is only available in 2 colors in the US, but it's still regarded as one of the best experiences out there. It looks good, writes superbly, and has a fun and efficient filling system. This iconic pen is an easy choice to represent House Pilot.

Two Pilot Custom 823 fountain pens with nibs exposed


Pineider: Forged Carbon

There is a lot going on within the Pineider brand. You need to start with their 14-karat gold “Quill” nib because it's beautiful, bouncy, and very much designed with a Pineider flair.

The Pineider Forged Carbon pen is my pick to represent Pineider. This pen features the “Quill Nib”, their signature spring-loaded quill clip, and a magnetic-twist capping mechanism. It features a retractable piston knob they refer to as the “mystery filler”. In this pen, the carbon fiber is compressed with resin under extreme pressure to create a totally different sort of bond. This innovative pen is a clear choice as the best fountain pen by Pineider (in my opinion!).

Pineider Forged Carbon black fountain pen with rose gold trim


Namiki: Chinkin

Namiki fountain pens are different because you're not just selecting a pen, but a piece of art. My pick is their flat-top Chinkin pens. The detailed maki-e painting that you see featured on the Yukaris and Emperors showcases the time and effort that goes into this artistic style. But anyone can look at the individual etchings and engravings within the Chinkin pens and mentally connect that with an artisan's handwork. It's like seeing obvious brush strokes on a painting. And then being hit with the awesome realization that each stroke was done by a skilled artist.

Namiki art deserves to be recognized for its complexity – and the Chinkin style reveals that work clearly. On top of it all, the nibs are perfect.

Group shot of Namiki Chinkin fountain pens


LAMY: 2000

The iconic LAMY 2000 was the only choice to represent the LAMY family here. While the safari should get a high-five for being such a worldwide favorite, the LAMY 2000 has been around for decades. It's mostly unchanged since its debut in 1966. Without a doubt, the LAMY 2000 is the standard bearer for LAMY. The stout but forgiving gold nib, the comfortable polycarbonate body, the smooth internal piston, and its sleek profile will keep the LAMY 2000 in the "best fountain pen" conversations for the foreseeable future.

LAMY 2000 fountain pen on a yellow notebook


Visconti: Homo Sapiens

Like LAMY, this choice was hardly a choice at all. The Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age has been and will likely continue to be the pen that is most often associated with Visconti. You might have heard that Visconti has a "lava pen" and they do! The Homo Sapiens is made with resin mixed with basaltic lava from the Mt Etna volcano in Sicily. This creates a material unlike anything else in the fountain pen industry. It's warm in the hand, and never slippery. The natural pores give each pen a signature look. Add to that the internal power filler, the gold nib, and the bronze hardware and it's easy to see why this pen is not only their most popular model but my pick for the best fountain pen from Visconti.

Visconti Homo Sapiens fountain pen with bronze trim