Our 5 Favorite Slim Pens

We love fountain pens of all sizes, but there's something especially elegant about a long slender fountain pen. We've gathered some of our favorite thin pens that are perfect for fitting in tight places like pen loops and small cases.

Travelers Company Brass fountain pen uncalled on a Travler's Notebook

The solid Traveler's Company Brass Fountain Pen is portable and ready to go on an adventure with you. This small pen has a handy snap cap and fills using convenient cartridges.

The LAMY CP1 is a stylish example of minimalist design. Available in either platinum or black, this practical pen is barely wider than a traditional No. 2 pencil!

uncapped Platinum Desk Pen on black background

The elegant Platinum Carbon Desk Pen has a long wandlike silhouette and features a gold-plated steel nib. Want a constant companion at your desk? Get yourself the Platinum Desk Pen Base. It's made to work perfectly with this pen.

Copper Kaweco Liliput fountain pen on white paper and desk

The slender Kaweco Liliput is a fashionable pen that will fit easily in your hand. Available in shining Copper, hand-torched Fireblue, Brass, or Green Aluminum.

Although the Aurora Hastil Cento is no longer sold at Goulet Pens, this pen is slender and makes a huge visual impact. This stunning pen has a 14kt solid rose gold nib and was created for Aurora's 100th anniversary.