Maruman Mnemosyne Notebook Overview

We're pretty picky when it comes to paper around here, so when we pick up a new line of notebooks it has to be pretty exciting for us to go for it. Maruman Mnemosyne fits that bill for us. Maruman is a Japanese paper company that has several lines of notebooks, one of which is this Mnemosyne, named after the Greek goddess of memory.

What's usually the big hangup with notebooks is the paper quality, because if you are primarily a fountain pen user like we are here, you need something fairly ink-resistant so you don't end up with fat lines of fuzzy-looking writing. This Mnemosyne paper definitely holds up, almost comparable to the ever-popular Rhodia brand.

We shot this rather comprehensive video giving an overview of the Mnemosyne products we're carrying here, with some timestamps here to make it easier for your reference:

  • Features Overview – 1:19
  • Inspiration and Imagination – 3:52
  • Side Wirebound – 7:09
  • Memo Notebook – 9:27
  • Top Wirebound Notepad – 10:09
  • Paper Performance with Ink – 12:45

Common features across the Mnemosyne line:

  • 80gsm white paper
  • Perforated pages
  • Grey lines
  • Double-wire black spiral binding
  • Black plastic covers

Maruman Mnemosyne notebooks


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