on saleMaruman Mnemosyne N181 A4 Imagination Notepad - Blank

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on saleMaruman Mnemosyne N181 A4 Imagination Notepad - Blank

Product Code MM-N181A

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Made in Japan, this horizontal A4-sized notebook features 70 sheets of white acid-free 80gsm blank paper. The black double wire top spiral binding matches the black plastic cover. The notebook features blank paper to allow you the freedom to capture all of your creative writing and sketches, and every page is micro-perforated. Each sheet contains a blank margin at the top with a space for the title and date.

The word Mnemosyne comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of memory.
Maruman Mnemosyne
Thickness - Overall

How thick the notebook is from front to back, including the cover.

9.3mm (0.4in)
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The general international paper size, including options such as A4, A5, B5, Pocket, etc. Click here to read our guide on paper sizes.

Binding Orientation
Binding Type
Cover Material
Paper Color
Paper Weight
Sheet Count

The number of individual pieces of paper in the notebook (whereas pages refers to each side of a sheet). 1 sheet = 2 pages.


Whether or not the paper is micro-perforated and designed to be removed from the notebook. Options include None, Some, or All pages.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alexander M.
A well put together notebook for writing and calligraphy.

The paper feels very smooth and takes ink well from fountain and dip pen. In my opinion, it would be better without the subtle margin annotations that say TITLE and DATE on the front of each page. The cover is attractive and the binding operates well.

Louis D.
Maruman Mind Map!

Shipping to canada (the cheapest option) took long But everything arrived well packed and perfect. I love using those to draw my mindmaps with many fountain pens and ink colours.

Super smooth and pleasant writing experience

This is probably the smoothest paper I've used and my Lamy Studio glides across the paper. I really have no complaints about this notepad. The pages offer plenty of space to throw down a lot of info and it handles fountain pens fantastically.

Colin M.
Full of awful design choices - the paper coating is horridly inconsistent.

I really wanted to love this notebook - it's a good size, the paper has a nice texture, and I like that it's perforated. But there are two major issues that flat out ruin it (this is my second one and the problems are the same, so I definitely didn't just get a dud)Firstly, the paper's coating that prevents feathering is unbelievably inconsistent. some spots will be fine, others will firehose out and make the line go 4x wider and be completely illegible. Even with EF nibs, if there's any pooling of the ink, you run a moderately high risk of a blowout that will feather badly and bleed through.Second, they didn't put the outline on the back. I know that it's intended to be used like japanese notebooks, horizontally, but it could easily have been printed double sided. This is worse for the graph version. Third, it seems especially prone to picking up oils from your hands and causing pens to skip. The paper inconsistency is far worse than any other premium paper I've ever seen, be it red and black (I wish they made their A4 hardcover notebook unruled, graph and dot grid in addition to lined) clairefontaine, rhodia, apica (the next worst compared to this) leuchtturm, kokuyo, fabriano, etc. Overall, if you need paper for normal ballpoints, pencils and rollerballs, I think I can wholeheartedly recommend this. But if you use fountain pens, just avoid mnemosyne. You're not getting what you pay for. Stick with Rhodia and clairefontaine, or if you need japanese, something like the Kokuyo campus B4.

c t.
quality paper

I am back here to purchase my third notebook of this mnemosyne a4. I've used many quality fountain pen stationeries/papers and this is one of my favorites. Absorbs more than Rhodia, so a little more feedback than that glassy smooth paper, but I enjoy the amount of feedback of this still very smooth paper. Because it is slightly absorbent, there is more depth/3-dimensionality to the appearance of the script vs. Rhodia. Negligible feathering. Relative to Rhodia, script can be more crisp with this notebook when using an especially wet nib, as ink is less likely to puddle than on Rhodia. Slightly less soft/deformable than the very fine Apica paper, so this is better for a finer tip or if you plan to flex your nib when writing (I notice this difference when using my Pilot Justus 95, which I flex. With Apica, it digs in to the paper more than this one). I only write on one side with this paper--not because of bleedthrough, but because you can see through enough to prohibit using both sides (this is true of Apica as well).