Introducing David Oscarson Pens

Luxury Hard Enamel Fountain Pens in Exquisitely Themed Collections

Luxury, Limited Edition fountain pens are something to talk about! They boast some of the most elaborate and intricate designs in the world. The rare materials, creative concepts and labor intensive processes create more than just a design – they are meaningful pieces of art. David Oscarson is no stranger to creating these masterpieces or to pen collectors across the globe.

Ganesha Fountain Pen on white background

Ganesha Fountain Pen – Emerald Green/Gold

His pieces are handcrafted from 18-karat Gold and Sterling Silver, giving them a solid weight and world-class look and feel. They are also passed through a decorative technique, called Guilloche, where precise and repetitive patterns are engraved into the pen, bringing light and luster to the surface of the metal.

David Oscarson Russian Imperial Sky Blue Fountain Pen on white background

Russian Imperial Sky Blue Fountain Pen – Guilloche Technique

Russian Imperial Fountain Pen - St. Petersburg Sky Blue/Silver Cap Detail on white back ground

Russian Imperial Cap Detail

Hard Enamel is yet another level of patience, expertise and skill brought to the Guilloché technique. Using a mortar and pestle, a composition of glass, water and metal oxides is ground for hours by hand. When settled, the water is removed, leaving the fine paste that is the basis for hard enamel. A quill is then used to apply each coat of the mixture to the surface of the metal, ensuring that the entire Guilloché area is completely covered in enamel. The components are then fired in a furnace at temperatures exceeding 1,000° F, fusing the enamel to the metal and forming a layer of glass.

Celestial Fountain Pen Cap Detail on White background

Celestial Fountain Pen Cap Detail

After cooling, the pieces are manually ground with a diamond file, restoring their proper shape and surface. This tedious process is repeated at length until the level of enamel reaches the depth required to cover the peaks and fill the valleys of each intricate Guilloché pattern. When the final stages of firing are completed, the pieces are polished and buffed, revealing the velvet finish of translucent hard enamel. A five-year apprenticeship is required to ensure that the highest levels of quality will be met in each individual Collection piece.

David Oscarson Russian Imperial Fountain Pen Nib Detail

Russian Imperial 18-Karat Gold Nib and Sterling Silver Section

Celestial Fountain Pen 18-Karat Gold Section

Celestial Fountain Pen 18-Karat Gold Section

David Oscarson has taken quality, craftsmanship and style to create not only a one-of-a-kind writing instrument, but an investment to cherish now and pass down to future generations of writers and loved ones.

David Oscarson Lord Ganesha Cap Detail - Emerald Green/Gold

Lord Ganesha Cap Detail – Emerald Green/Gold

We are now an authorized dealer of David Oscarson pens. We're starting out with a limited selection across several different themed collections: Alexander Fleming, Celestial, Golden Spike, Harlequin, Koi, Lord Ganesha, and Russian Imperial. As they are all small limited runs, the selections will continue to change over time.