Pilot E95S Fountain Pen Overview

Pilot E95s fountain pen in burgundy/ivory, posted

It's no secret, we're big fans of Pilot pens. And fountain pens like the Pilot E95S show you why. It's a pretty unique pen and one that I was more impressed with once I had it in my hands than I was just looking at pictures.

The Pilot E95S is a compact pocket pen when closed, but becomes a full-size fountain pen when the cap is posted. It features a very cool 14k gold inlaid nib and a delightful snap cap.

Read on for our full overview!

Video Overviews:

We've got two options for you here. If you want to watch a shorter video, check out this newer one by Drew:

If you want to watch our original in-depth video overview by Brian from 2014, we've also got it for you here:

Pilot E95S Overview:


The E95S fountain pen is known in Japan as the Elite 95S, which for copyright/trademark purposes had to be named something different in the US. So the “Elite" became “E”. That's the story!


The pen comes in two different color options: Black, and Burgundy/Ivory, each featuring gold trim.

The Black one is pretty straight-laced, but the Burgundy/Ivory is really interesting. It's not only our personal favorite but also a best seller.

Pilot E95S fountain pens on a desk



It's a small pen, a really small pen! Only measuring 119mm long (4.7in) closed, it kind of looks like a stick of mascara or lipstick or something! But when you open up and post the pen, it lengthens up quite a bit to 147mm (5.8in), which is about the length of a ‘normal' pen. This makes it a nice, compact pen.

It'll be a little too short for bigger-handed folks like me unless you post it, but the almost effortless sliding cap actually makes it a pleasure to do so.

The E95S is really light, too, only weighing about as much as a LAMY safari, even though the E95S is made of metal.

Pilot E95S fountain pens on a white desk


The Cap:

We've gotta talk about the cap for a quick minute. The Pilot E95S features a snap cap that has an incredibly satisfying feeling to open and close. It's one of the pens featured in our 10 Most Satisfying Pens to Cap video!

Pilot E95S fountain pen in black, open on a desk with notebooks


How It Fills:

It's a cartridge/converter fountain pen that uses proprietary Pilot ink cartridges and also comes with a Pilot CON-40 converter. It'll also fit the CON-B squeeze converter (sold separately).

Pilot E95S fountain pen open with converter exposed


How It Writes:

It's awesome. I really haven't met a Pilot nib I don't like at this point, they just really know how to do their nibs (which they make in-house). And this nib is cool, it's 14k gold and inlaid into the pen body which gives it a really unique and kind of vintage look.

Close-up of Pilot E95S fountain pen 14k gold nib

It's also smooth and has a lot of spring to it. Press the nib and you can get some line variation, but I'd go easy on this because it's not advertised as a soft or flex nib at all. Don't overdo it.

But wow, that EF nib especially is really, really small, and writes with a little bit of tooth which is perfectly alright and expected given how thin a line it draws.

The fine and medium nibs are very smooth, and the medium in particular is a nice, wet writer.

Pilot E95S fountain pen nib writing samples


Pros & Cons:


  • Very light, portable.
  • Incredibly easy (and fun) to cap/uncap.
  • Classy looking, definitely looks the price. 
  • Price is great - it's a very affordable 14k gold nib pen.
  • Inlaid EF, F, and M nib is unique, looks cool, and writes really nicely.


  • The smaller CON-40 converter limitation means a smaller ink capacity than other pens that can accept the larger CON-70 converter.
  • Because the pen is light, I wonder how well it'll hold up to abuse. Treat it well.
  • Short length means it pretty much has to be posted to be usable, by most hands.


The Pilot E95S might not be the easiest name to remember, but one glance at the pen and it'll definitely stand out to you. If you're in the market for a Pilot Vanishing Point or Pilot Falcon, basically a gold-nib pen that's really convenient as a pocket pen, I would certainly give the E95S a look.


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