Fountain Pen 101: How Does A Fountain Pen Work?

Every Friday, I'm going to be posting a Fountain Pen 101 video on the foundational elements of using and understanding fountain pens. Today is the first in what I plan to be a very comprehensive series of videos to help anyone interested to learn more about fountain pens.

Today's video is about the basics, what is a fountain pen and how does it work? In the video, I cover the following:

  • How a ballpoint pen works
  • How a rollerball pen works
  • How a fountain pen works
  • The internal parts that allow a fountain pen to write

There is a lot more I can cover, but I'm leaving this video to the absolute basics so I don't go running away with it (this is actually the second video I made, the first one I DID run away with it and it was 12 minutes long…). This will lay a good foundation for future topics that I plan to do in Fountain Pen 101. Future videos will go more in depth about the parts of a pen, different filling mechanisms, types of ink, how to choose a pen for you, and more. But for now, we're keeping things simple.