Best Fountain Pens For Students

Get the right tools for school! We've selected five amazing fountain pens perfect for students going back to school. They are great for note-taking, paper writing, or doodling and they are all affordable. Watch our quick video above to see highlights on each model. (Some models referenced in the video may no longer be available)


TWSBI GO Fountain Pen

The TWSBI GO has a unique spring loaded piston and is offered in wide variety of nib options. The clear body and grip section make it fun and easy to watch your ink levels.

Pilot Varsity

Affordable Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens

Get the great Pilot writing experience for under $4! These pens are pre-filled with ink so there's no need to fill your pens while in class. These are available in a set of 7 with lots of color options.

Diplomat Magnum

Diplomat Magnum Affordable Fountain Pen

This is a great lightweight option, ideal for long writing sessions. A cartridge and converter is included and each Magnum comes with a soft, bouncy JoWo nib.

Kaweco Frosted Sport

Kaweco Frosted Sports

If you're looking for a colorful pen, go with the Frosted Sport! It's a pocket sized pen that transforms to a full sized pen when posted. It can be eyedropped for an even larger ink capacity.

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