Traveler's Notebook - Olive (Regular) - Special Edition

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This is the starter's kit of the Traveler's Notebook in the larger/regular size. It comes in a package which contains a cowhide cover, simple, blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare rubber band (of different color). This is the 2017 special edition in Olive green.

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Traveler's Notebook - Olive (Regular) - Special Edition

The simple and rustic texture is self-assertive in an unobtrusive way.

This is the starter's kit of the Traveler's Notebook in the larger/regular size. It comes in a package which contains a cowhide cover, simple, blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare rubber band (of different color).  This is the 2017 special edition in Olive green.

The more you use it, the more taste the texture of the cowhide cover acquires. The leather cover, whose texture is naive yet attractive, is made in Chiang Mai. They "chop" cowhide, tanned with tannin taken from plants, into pieces. Then, rubber is tied to the piece with tin clasps. It's as simple as that.

Insistence on the best writing comfort. Notebook refills are made of Midori's original diary paper, developed especially for the best writing comfort possible. You can write on it with a fountain pen with little need to worry about bleeding. In pursuit of the best writing experience possible, the paper is carefully crafted in Japan.

Go on a journey! The perfect size for carrying. You can put small maps and tickets, etc. in the notebook.

Customized for you! The simple design lends itself to the colors of your choice. As you use the notebook more and more, the leather will develop a richer color and will become imbued with your individuality.

Package contents:
Cotton Bag / (150mm x 240mm)
Leather Cover / (130mm x 218mm, 10mm deep)
Blank notebook (64 pages) / (110mm x 210mm)
Spare Rubber Band

From Traveler's Company:

The OLIVE EDITION featuring the 2017 limited-edition color is coming to TRAVELER’S notebook.

What colors of leather look good with TRAVELER’S notebook?

Since releasing the classic editions of the notebook in brown and black in 2006, we have created numerous prototypes while taking another look at color.

TRAVELER’S notebook is known for how they make use of leather’s inherent texture to take on a richer character the more they are used. This characteristic in fact makes it more likely for color and texture to change due to the individual differences in the leather. Predicting these changes and working to develop colors and tones that are right for TRAVELER’S notebook will be an effort that takes time.

We developed the Camel Edition to mark five years for the brand in 2011, followed by the Blue Edition in 2015. And now 2017 has brought new color to TRAVELER’S notebook.

Our aim was to achieve the color of old-growth forests that have been spreading their roots since ancient times. Henry David Thoreau built a log cabin in the forest around Walden Pond and wrote Walden: Or, Life in the Woods as he lived a life of self-sufficiency. Michio Hoshino became captivated by the Alaskan wilderness and took many beautiful photographs before he passed away in Siberia.

There were also Basho and Santoka, who found inspiration for their poems by walking through the woodlands of Japan, and there were Brautigan and Kerouac, who wrote about living in the untamed forests of America’s Big Sur region. Forests have always given the energy to create new pieces to the many artists who have traveled through them.

Inspired by these dense forests, new TRAVELER’S notebook OLIVE EDITION arrives in a limited-edition color for 2017. We have also created the olive-colored PEN HOLDER, which we hope our customers will use together with their TRAVELER’S notebook.

With your TRAVELER’S notebook OLIVE EDITION in hand, and with that feeling of a traveler walking through the wilderness of untrodden lands, we invite you to spend every day as if making a journey. Have a nice trip into the wild with TRAVELER’S notebook OLIVE EDITION!

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