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To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Visconti is pleased to launch the Mirage regular edition fountain pen collection. Completely made in Florence, Italy, this fountain pen features a nice modern design with all new colors. The Coral resin has orange and red swirls. The grip section is made of vegetal resin for a comfortable feeling while writing. The fluidity of the pen is disrupted by hollowed grooves in the body, giving the feel of a “mirage” or an optical illusion. It features Visconti’s new steel nib which writes beautifully. A converter is included, and it also accepts standard international short or long cartridges.

Visconti is a brand leader in the design and production of pens that use colors and shapes to reference art, and technological know-how in the treatment of color shades, such as the iconic Rembrandt and Van Gogh collections. The Mirage collection takes another step ahead: even its name declares that art is also a wonderful illusion, not just an imitation, that beauty can be a mirage, of which we can enjoy. This pen is made in a material whose reflections, highlighted by the hollows which originate continuous light effects, create an elusive and illusive object. It is modern in its iridescent lightness: like a great artist Marcel Duchamp declared more than 50 years ago: "Let's enjoy with the beauty of the mirage, because this is what remains to us.”

This Mirage pen introduces, in addition to a new shape with a modern design, two important innovations for the Visconti production: a new clip, whose manufacturing accentuates the three-dimensionality of the object, and the My Pen System which is not on the cap, but on the bottom of the body, in order to leave in a full view the style of the clip, which "cuts" the cap with its metal structure.

You can customize this pen with the magnetized MyPen System. We offer natural stones that you can swap into the finial in place of the Visconti logo coin.

We do our best to photograph the pens to show how they will appear in person, but due to the nature of the material, expect some variation in the pattern from what you see here.

Please note you may receive a push-in style converter instead of the Visconti Deluxe Converter pictured.

Visconti has recently updated their branding and font used on their clips. During this transition, you may receive a pen with a slightly different font than what is shown here.

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Technical Specs

Fountain Pens

Whether or not the barrel of the pen is translucent, allowing you to see the ink and filling mechanism inside.

Body Material
Cap Type

How the cap is opened/closed from the barrel of the pen. Some common options include Snap-Cap, Screw-Cap, Magnetic Cap, or Capless (no cap).

Magnetic cap
Compatible inks & refills

Which ink this pen will accept. Choices include bottled ink and various styles of pre-filled ink cartridges.

Bottled inks, Standard international short cartridges, Standard international long cartridges
Filling Mechanism

How the pen fills with ink. Click here to watch our video tutorial on common filling mechanisms.

Cartridge, Converter
Grip Material
Nib Size
Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad
Nib Color
Nib Material

Whether or not the cap fits securely onto the back of the barrel when open.


Whether or not the nib/tip can retract into the body of the pen (usually for click or twist-open style pens).

Diameter - Body
14.8mm (0.58 in)
Diameter - Cap (without clip)
15.1mm (0.59 in)
Diameter - Cap (with clip)
18.0mm (0.71 in)
Diameter - Grip

Measured from the place most people choose to rest their fingers, which varies with each pen.

10.5mm (0.41 in)
Length - Body

The measurement from the back end of the barrel to the tip of the nib.

121.3mm (4.78 in)
Length - Cap
63.2mm (2.49 in)
Length - Nib

The measured length of the visible portion of the nib when it is installed in the pen, from grip to tip.

16.4mm (0.65 in)
Length - Overall (Closed)
137.8mm (5.43 in)
Length - Overall (Posted)

When the cap of the pen is posted onto the back of the pen body, this is the measurement of the entire pen including the nib.

157.4mm (6.20 in)
Weight - Body

If a converter is included with the pen, this weight is reflected in the total.

16.0g (0.56 oz)
Weight - Cap
12.0g (0.42 oz)
Weight - Overall

If a converter is included with the pen, this weight is reflected in the total.

28.0g (0.99 oz)
Max Ink Capacity - Cartridge

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using a cartridge.

Max Ink Capacity - Converter

The maximum volume of ink that can fit in the pen when using a converter.


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