on saleMaruman Mnemosyne N183 A5 Inspiration Notepad - Blank

Product Code MM-N183A

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on saleMaruman Mnemosyne N183 A5 Inspiration Notepad - Blank

Product Code MM-N183A

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Made in Japan, this horizontal A5-sized notebook features 70 sheets of white acid-free 80gsm blank paper. The black double wire top spiral binding matches the black plastic cover. The notebook features blank paper to allow you the freedom to capture all of your creative writing and sketches, and every page is micro-perforated. Each sheet contains a blank margin at the top with a space for the title.

The word Mnemosyne comes from the name of the ancient Greek goddess of memory.
Maruman Mnemosyne
Thickness - Overall

How thick the notebook is from front to back, including the cover.

9.5mm (0.4in)
Size - Overall

The general international paper size, including options such as A4, A5, B5, Pocket, etc. Click here to read our guide on paper sizes.

Binding Orientation
Binding Type
Cover Material
Paper Color
Paper Weight
Sheet Count

The number of individual pieces of paper in the notebook (whereas pages refers to each side of a sheet). 1 sheet = 2 pages.


Whether or not the paper is micro-perforated and designed to be removed from the notebook. Options include None, Some, or All pages.

Height (in)
Height (mm)
Width (in)
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Customer Reviews

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Mae J.A.
Quality notepads

I am passionate about stationary paper, pads, pencils, pens.anything to do with writing. In this day and age of the cell phone the art of writing gets lost. My maruman mnemosyne pads are a work of art. Sleek and well designed it makes me feel special writing in them.

Well Behaved, but some issues

I'm testing a lot of A5 notebooks for letter writing so I tested several pen nibs and different inks on this paper. I use mainly M nibs from steel to rhodium plated and 18k gold. All were smooth over this paper and it even shaded on some inks which was lovely and unexpected. However it spread and feathered badly on a few of my inks so there might be some brands that shouldn't be used on this paper. Notably my Levenger and Colorverse inks were not doing well with this paper, but Montblanc and Diamine held up really well and those seem to be watery inks. I don't have any heavy Sheening inks to try on this paper, so your results with those may vary. Overall I'm really pleased with this paper and will be using it for writing letters and ink drawings, but I will be very careful with which inks I use on it.

Good project notebook!

I use this notebook to keep track of contact results in a specific project I am working on. Each page is dedicated to one contact, and is just the right size to keep initial and ongoing notes. I am a fountain pen user, and I enjoy the paper in this notebook. My one suggestion for improvement is that there is a bit too much ink showing on the reverse side of the pages. (I write with a fine nib and a well-behaved ink.) Show-through notwithstanding, I enjoy the notebook much more than an Excel file!

Smoothest Portable Notepad I have used

I use a fountain pen and this is the best notepad I could find. I do occasionally use a dip pen, and the paper holds up. But it is a bit thin for dip pens. It did hold up for dip pens, but I was pretty nervous.

Great paper and good covers

These things are great; they're my new notebook go-tos. Great paper with stiff-enough covers that keep the notebook from getting damaged in my bag. The design of the notebook partially favors turning it sideways and writing with the spiral above you, not beside you. (You don't have to do this but because I'm a lefty, it really helps.) What I like to do is lay it out so that two pages are top and bottom, and treat it all as one big 8.5 by 11 spread. Real easy for going back and rereading later.