Which Pen Case Fits Your Lifestyle?

Buying a fountain pen is just like eating your favorite snack – you can’t have just one! If you’ve found yourself with a plethora of pens, you might want to invest in a pen case!

Using a fountain pen case is a great way to organize and store your pens, and they help to minimize leaks during travel. Although many pen cases look similar at first glance, they’re surprisingly different once you look deeper. That’s why we’re breaking down some of your pen case needs and recommending some options that we have here at The Goulet Pen Company that will be just right for you!



Rickshaw products are a great choice if you need an on-the-go storage solution. This company features cases that keep your pens safe within the pockets without using elastic bands.

One system they use is called the Coozy Case. This is a zipper pouch that is perfect for stacking a 2-3-2 or a 3-2-3 sandwich of sleeves. If you’re new to pen cases, you can start by using a two-pen Coozy and then upgrade later down the line.

Because these cases offer such intentional protection, they’re ideal choices for daily carry bags.

Rickshaw Bagworks pen cases



Do you have a library of fountain pens that you struggle to keep organized? Well, Girologio’s 48-pen case may be the right option for you! Made out of chic leather material, the Girologio pen case features two loops for each pen and a removable protective divider so that you can gaze upon your mighty collection in multiple ways.

Girologio 48-Pen Case - Saddle Brown


Similarly, Monteverde makes an affordable 36-pen case at just $40 compared to the $90 Girologio. A few things to note, this case isn’t leather, and you only get one pen loop per pen, which means they might not be stored perfectly straight. But, if you’ve been collecting pens for decades, splurging on a couple of these might be what you need to clear up some space.

Monteverde 36-Pen Case - Black



If you’re looking for a pen case that looks right at home on your desk, you have some decent prospects. Office cases may not be ideal for taking your pens on a long journey as there isn’t an overabundance of “stabilizers,” or pen loops, to keep them in place. Still, both Esterbrook and Visconti make beautiful and display-worthy pen cases specifically designed to showcase your pens. These are the best options if you have showstopping, themed pens that you want to keep organized but don’t want to disappear into the plushy nest of a Rickshaw sleeve.

Esterbrook Pen Cases



If you want to store more than fountain pens, Galen Leather is a perfect catch-all! 

If you’re carrying pens, you’ll need some quality paper! The Galen Folio fits most A5-sized notebooks, up to 4 pens on a removable tray, and lots of other goods. It’s versatile and comes in numerous designs.

Galen Leather Notebook Folio Pen Cases


Galen Leather also makes the Writer’s Medic Bag. Although this isn’t technically a pen case, it’s definitely made with fine writing in mind. This bag opens using magnetic front closures to reveal several elastic pen loops and additional bands for other accessories. The rear compartment of the case has a ton of room for notebooks and larger accessories while still being a relatively small bag. These all-in-one storage solutions are great because they allow space for other hobbies and essentials.

Galen Leather Writer's Medic Bags



The “classic” and most popular pen storage option is usually a zippered book-style case and is a solid choice for an all-around solution. Usually, these cases feature two elastic bands for each pen and a flap that protects the pens when your case is closed. It’s a tried-and-true design that you can’t go wrong with.

Girologio Pen Cases

Another effective balanced storage solution is the Girologio magnetic flap-closure case. Franklin-Christoph also makes a fold & tuck closure case called the “Penvelope” that also has a magnetic closure.

Franklin-Christoph Penvelope Pen Case - Black



One last thing: If you want to protect a single pen, either the Rickshaw, Esterbrook, or Aston Leather pen cases will come in handy!

Aston Leather Single Pen Puches


Those are our favorite pen cases based on your needs! If you’re curious whether to store inked-up pens with the nib facing upwards or down, know that it’s subjective and may vary for each pen. If you want to keep a pen on the dry side, keep it nib up. If you want it to stay more wet, try storing it nib down. 

As always, contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions or need any pen case suggestions. Write On!


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