Pilot Falcon Fountain Pen in Soft Extra-Fine

The soft extra-fine nib on the brand-new rhodium-trim Pilot Falcon is identical to that of the Pilot Metal Falcon, and it is awesome. It is everything I hoped it would be. For the price, this pen surely will be the new standard for gold flex nibs for those that want the most line variation without going with something custom. Check out my videos below.

On the above video, I threw the macro lens on my Canon 5DMk3 and just had a blast. No music or fancy frills, this video is all just to show you what a hack like me can do with a completely non-custom Pilot Falcon soft extra-fine.

Next up, because you can now get the Pilot Falcon pen in rhodium trim as well as a soft extra-fine nib, I wanted to show you how it writes and compare it to the soft fine Namiki Falcon as well as the soft extra-fine Pilot Metal Falcon. I ink them all up with the delicious Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-Peki ink and take them for a test drive on Rhodia No. 16 dotpad 80g paper.

I think just about every fountain pen fan has seen what a custom-ground extra-fine Namiki Falcon can do, and if you haven't check it out here. That video has millions of views; even people I know that aren't into fountain pens ask me about it! So when I heard Pilot was coming out with a resin Falcon in a soft extra-fine nib, I was really, really excited to see how it stacked up.

A minor FYI: Pilot is rebranding the Namiki line to now be “Pilot Fine Writing”, so the Falcons will be transitioning over from the Namiki name to the Pilot name. All of the super-high-end Namiki pens will stay Namiki (like the maki-e pens), but the Falcons will all become Pilot branded eventually.