Lamy safari Cap Finials

Since the re-release of the limited edition pink LAMY safari, I've been getting asked a lot about what the finial looks like on the cap. And for good reason, it's actually different than it was when the pen was previously available in 2010/2011!

Back then, the finial was pink and round with a hole in the middle, much like other Safaris had been previously.

 Photo of old LAMY cap finial

LAMY safari Pink with old finial

However, the safaris coming out now are different, with a black "X" finial. The only one that doesn't have a black X is the white safari, for whatever reason it has a gray finial.

white safari pen with gray finial

LAMY safari White, the only current one with a non-black finial

The re-issued pink safari now has the black X finial that all the other (non-white) safaris have. Everything else on the pen is exactly the same as it was in the previous release. I'm guessing that this is kind of a global change that they've made in recent years, to standardize the finial and further the economy of scale that comes from repeatability and sharing parts across colors/models.

side by side photo of old and new finial

Comparison of the new and old pink LAMY safari, everything else on the pen is the same.

I hope this helps answer any questions about the pink Safari! You can check out the Pink LAMY safari here!