How to Fill a LAMY Fountain Pen

LAMY is an incredibly popular fountain pen brand, featuring many fountain pen models such as the safari which are commonly purchased as a first fountain pen.

Filling a LAMY fountain pen with ink cartridges or bottled ink can take a little getting used to if you're not familiar with how fountain pens work. Here I'll show you how to do both of these with LAMY safari fountain pens.

The ink filling process for the LAMY safari is similar for all LAMY cartridge/converter fountain pens. LAMY uses proprietary ink cartridges and converters for their pens, so the specific accessories used here are just for LAMY pens.


LAMY safari fountain pen overview

When you first receive your LAMY safari, it comes with a proprietary LAMY blue ink cartridge, and a cardboard ring spacer (to prevent the included ink cartridge from puncturing in transit). You can dispose of the cardboard ring.

LAMY safari fountain pen in charcoal with the cardboard spacer ring

LAMY safari fountain pen in charcoal with the cardboard spacer ring in place

The LAMY safari has an ink window so you can see your remaining ink level.

The barrel connects to the grip section with a double-threaded twist. The flat part of the barrel will always line up with the nib, but the logo side may or may not be facing up. So if you want to line up the LAMY logo side with your fountain pen nib (or not!), just try again to screw it on again a half-turn from where you originally started.

LAMY logo on a fountain pen


Using LAMY ink cartridges

LAMY uses proprietary ink cartridges in their fountain pens, so only their brand will fit.

  1. To install the cartridge into the pen, you'll first want to orient it correctly.

    If the pen's grip section is in your left hand, the logo on the ink cartridge in your right hand facing you should be right-side up.

    If you're a leftie and doing it in reverse, the logo would be upside-down.Holding a blue LAMY ink cartridge, about to install into a pen 
  2. Firmly push the ink cartridge into the grip section.Installing an ink cartridge into a LAMY pen 
  3. You might hear a little "pop" when it's fully seated. That's how you know the ink cartridge has been punctured and the ink will start flowing.Pushing an ink cartridge into a LAMY fountain pen

Alternatively, you can place the ink cartridge into the grip section without pushing firmly, then screw the barrel all the way onto the grip section. The action of screwing it tightly will help push the ink cartridge into place and puncture it. It's made to fit exactly!

You'll want to wait maybe 30 seconds or so if your feed is dry, as it takes a bit for the ink to work its way down to the nib via capillary action.

Screw the barrel back on. Now you should be ready to write!


Using the LAMY converter with bottled ink

If you'd like to fill your LAMY fountain pen from bottled ink (or an ink sample), it's pretty straightforward. You'll need a cartridge/converter to do this, which is often sold separately.

The LAMY Z28 converter has little posts on it to securely connect to several models like the safari and AL-star, but alternatively you can also use the LAMY Z27 converter in these pens as well.

You can check out our detailed article on the differences between the Z28 and the Z27 converters.

LAMY Z27 and Z28 converters

LAMY Z27 converter (black) and LAMY Z28 converter (red)

Steps to install and use a LAMY converter:

  1. Push the converter into the grip section. If you're using the Z28, you'll notice little pegs on the converter and grooves in the grip section of the pen -- just align those and you'll get a nice, snug fit!Hands holding a LAMY fountain pen to fill from a bottle of inkA closeup of a LAMY Z28 converter seated in a fountain pen

    Close-up view of the LAMY Z28 converter seated into the grip section of a LAMY safari fountain pen

  2. Turn the piston knob on the converter counter-clockwise to make sure it's all the way down. Immerse the nib down into your bottled ink until the ink level reaches the grip section.Filling a LAMY fountain pen from a bottle of ink
  3. Twist the converter piston knob clockwise to draw up the ink. Hands filling a LAMY fountain pen with ink from a bottle

You may not get a full fill on the first try. Just do it again, and you'll get a bit more ink into the converter this time.

Wipe off any excess ink from the grip section before writing, unless you like having ink-stained fingers! A paper towel will do the trick.

Since you've inked up the pen through the feed, it's primed and ready to write. 

A rainbow of LAMY safari fountain pens on a desk



Hopefully this was helpful to empower you with the knowledge needed to get your LAMY fountain pen writing. 

One final note - LAMY fountain pens are tested for quality at the factory, so there may be a little blue ink residue remaining on the nib/feed. This is totally normal and doesn't mean your pen was used! This is why it's a good idea to clean any brand new fountain pen before using, particularly if you're using a different ink just to make sure you're getting a super fresh start and not worry about any potential weird ink mixing issues.

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