Hottest Pens of 2022

We're back and here to cover the Hottest Pens of 2022! We first started doing this annual roundup back in 2016, so this is our 7th annual roundup and just like in years past, there are sure to be some surprises on this list. We wanted to have some fun and share with you what we thought made this year special in the world of fountain pen. Enjoy!

Hottest Pens of 2022

#10 - Pilot Custom 912

This pen is a great writer. Like many Pilot pens, this pen offers elegant classic styling and a superior, customized writing experience. This black fountain pen features a rhodium-plated 14k gold nib for a smooth writing experience and complementary silver trim. With multiple nib sizes available, you're sure to find one that works for you!

Pilot 912 fountain pen uncapped on 2 gray notebooks

#9 - Sailor Pro Gear Knight to E4

Chess has seen an increase in popularity since "The Queen's Gambit" debuted, and that love has shown with this pen when it launched in June this year. The first in The Checkmate Series by Sailor arrived in June, and it's been a popular pen ever since. Knight to E4 has a pearlescent charcoal finish in the Professional Gear model, with a slight shimmer to the barrel, gold-plated trim, and bi-color 21k solid gold nib. The top finial features an elegant, exclusive design of a golden chess knight, and the section sports a beautiful gold ion-plated metal finish to match.

Sailor Knight to E4 with yellow and black chess pieces in the background.

#8 - Conklin Endura Deco Crest

The Conklin Endura Deco Crest is another classic model from Conklin. Featuring an acrylic resin body with a metal filigree overlay, this pen is eye-catching and bold. It fills via a standard international cartridge or converter and comes equipped with a #6 JoWo steel nib. The cap screws onto the barrel to close as well as to post.

3 Conklin Decocrest- orange, blue and black on black notebooks

#7 - Sailor 1911S Shikiori 5th anniversary LE – Minori

Yes, another Sailor! Sailor is crushing the design game this year, with another limited edition. Sadly, it's no longer available but it was pretty hot when it was here! Sailor comes up with beautiful color combinations that we can't begin to dream up, but somehow they make it work! Translucent blue body, green grip, clear cap with gold flakes, it's got a lot going on and folks were vibing on it. Regular editions of the 1911s feature a solid resin barrel and cap, complemented by metal accents. They come equipped with Sailor's legendary 14k gold nib. The cap screws open/close and can push to post onto the back of the barrel when writing. The 1911S comes with a Sailor proprietary converter as well as two proprietary Sailor Black ink cartridges.

1911S pen with pale blue body, jade green trim and clear cap with sparlkes on mint green notebook

#6 - TWSBI Eco Glow Green

What can we say about TWSBI that we've not said before. The TWSBI ECO has considered one of the best bangs for your buck, and this Eco Glow green is no exception. It features a crystal clear acrylic barrel so you can see your ink level, and a green cap and piston knob that both glow in the dark! The pen cap has an inner cap to ensure a perfect seal when stored away. It is completed with silver trim and a silver stainless steel nib, and the writing experience TWSBI is known for. Check out the TWSBI Quick Look here!

TWSBI Glow Green glowing in the dark on wirebound notebook

#5 - Kaweco Sport Iridescent Pearl

Personally one of the best-looking Kaweco pens I've seen, maybe ever. It's the same sport model they've had for years, but this translucent, iridescent resin pops and fits right in with the hot ink color theming we've seen trending the last year or two with dual-shading/multi-tonal gray/pink/green colors. It's not particularly loud and in-your-face like some limited editions, but looks great and is very affordable to boot. While the color might be cool, this is definitely one of the hottest pens of 2022.

Pearlescent Kaweco sport on pale purple notebook

#4 - BENU Euphoria – Iced Caramel Latte SE

Inspired by the sweet Iced Caramel Latte, this faceted resin fountain pen transitions from a coffee brown color on the barrel to a warm caramel color on the grip, with some swirls in the middle of the barrel, replicating the swirls of adding cream to your coffee. Large golden chunks of glitter accentuate the barrel and cap, where the caramel color transitions to a creamy white.

The Euphoria pen model is ergonomically designed for long periods of comfortable writing. The pen is complemented by a silver clip and completed with a silver Schmidt #6 stainless steel nib. The cap pushes to post onto the back of the barrel when writing.

BENU iced caramel latte pen on notebook with peach colored card

#3 - TWSBI 580 Iris

Yes, we're seeing another double entry here. When they get it right, they get it really right. Due to the ongoing popularity of Vac700R Iris which launched in 2021, the Diamond 580 was influenced by this gorgeous finish. It's the same 580 we know and love but with a new rainbow finish. There's not a lot to say about this model because TWSBI is always consistent with performance, and this is no exception.

TWSBI 580 Irish on clear acrylic background

#2 - LAMY vista black

You can never go wrong with LAMY, and the vista is no exception. Our vista black is a GPC Exclusive, *AND* the first official US-retailer exclusive, which was an honor. We were excited to tweak the existing vista, by giving it a black trim, black nib, and including black/silver converter.

LAMY vista black on dark blue notebook

Before we get to our final pen in this year's Hottest Pens of 2022 list, let's see some of the honorable mentions:

Brian's Picks:

Pilot Custom 823

LAMY 2000

Pilot VP

Drew's Picks

TWSBI Vac700R Iris

Pilot E95s

TWSBI 580ALR Prussian Blue

And now the Hottest Pen from 2022

#1 - Sailor Pro Gear/Slim Northern Lights Purple

Yep, that's right. Sailor pens made the list 3 separate times. While there's not much to say about the pen specifically that we've not already said, the Goulet Exclusives we're able to offer are always fun to design and introduce to the community.

Sailor Pro Gear Northern Lights purple with teal accents

There we have it. This is a totally subjective and unbelievably biased list in a loosely constructed order that could easily be challenged and debated!