Filling a Pilot Vanishing Point

This has been one of the most requested videos for me to do, so….here it is! Filling a Pilot Vanishing Point isn't hard once you understand how the pen works. It's quite different than most other fountain pens, so it does take a bit of studying and practice. Once you get the hang of it though, it's as simple as any other fountain pen.

Pilot Vanishing Point Raden

Pilot Vanishing Point in Raden finish, retractable nib fountain pen.


Hand holding and writing with a Pilot Vanishing Point

The Vanishing Point in my larger-than-average hand.


Pilot Vanishing point taken apart

The Vanishing Point nib unit removed from the pen body.


Assorted Pilot Vanishing points fountain pens

LOTS of choices of colors for these pens, and limited editions come out all the time.


Writing sample of the 3 nibs available on a Pilot Vanishing point

Vanishing Point nib size comparison, done on 80g Rhodia dotpad paper.