Conklin & Monteverde Pens now with JoWo Nibs!

Conklin & Monteverde Pens uncapped on white lined paper

We have exciting news… We're happy to share that all Conklin and Monteverde pens that use a #6 nib will now be coming with JoWo nibs! JoWo nibs are made in Germany and they are trusted, reliable, and loved among fountain pen enthusiasts. This has been in development with our distributor Yafa for over a year as we've had stock issues over the last several years. Stock issues should be a non-issue going forward.

We currently have these new nibs in stock for Conklin pens that come with a silver nib, in select nib sizes. Pens that come equipped with black nibs, as well as all Monteverde pens will be rolling out and available in the coming weeks. There are several new Monteverde and Conklin pens that will be debuting soon too and they will be coming with a JoWo nib too. Nib units will also be available and these can be swapped into any existing Conklin or Monteverde pen with a #6 nib if you want to upgrade to a JoWo nib. With this change, we'll also begin offering Broad and 1.1mm stub nib options, as well as have JoWo Omniflex nibs still available on Conklin and Monteverde pens.

Jowo #6 nib writing samples in all nib sizes