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Capture the art and charm of beautiful handwriting and calligraphy with the Pilot Parallel Pen design set. This Pilot boxed package set includes four Parallel fountain pens: a red 1.5mm italic, orange 2.3mm italic, green 3.6mm italic, and blue 6.0mm italic. A box of 6 black ink cartridges is included, as well as a rainbow pack of 12 assorted blendable colors. The set also includes a pipette and nib cleaner, as well as a guidebook specific to the Parallel. Great for hand lettering!

The Parallel Pen's breakthrough nib design enables both experienced and novice artists to produce crisp, smooth-flowing lines in stunning color. By holding two Parallel Pen nibs together for a few seconds, writers can create remarkable, blended color effects. Explore the creative possibilities and experience how writing comes to life with the Parallel Pen.

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