The New Sailor Compass 1911 Fountain Pen

Sailor Compass 1911 Fountain Pens in assorted colors

The new Sailor Compass 1911, previously available in Japan under the name "Profit Jr.," is an excellent entry level fountain pen to the Sailor brand for under $50. Lightweight resin, and comfortable in hand, the Compass has a classic cigar shape that comes in 9 different colors: Transparent Olive, Transparent Brown, Transparent Green, Transparent Red, Transparent Blue, Transparent Pink, Transparent Purple, Transparent Clear, and Transparent Yellow. Each pen includes a converter with a piston knob that matches the color of the pen. This pen has been available previously in Japan under the name "Profit Jr.," but is now available in the U.S. as the Compass 1911.

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Olive

The demonstrator style showcases a clear feed that allows you to watch the ink as it pushes to the proprietary stainless steel nib (only available in Medium Fine) that is manufactured in Japan. The medium fine nib will write comparably to most European fine nibs from brands like LAMY, and you can compare our writing sample of the Compass to other pens in our Nib Nook comparison tool. The polished silver trim ring is proudly engraved with Sailor Made in Japan, and the clip shape is comparable to the 1911.

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Purple

Each pen comes with two black proprietary ink cartridges that make it easy and convenient to refill as needed. The stainless steel nib is firm, and is smooth, but with some feedback when you write. The ink flows consistently but writes a bit on the dry side, which will be perfect for writing on everyday paper. It's not a gusher, so it's not likely to show off your high shading or shimmering inks as well as wetter-writing pens, but this is a very solid everyday carry pen. Please note, the Compass cannot be eyedropper filled and will leak from the end of the barrel if you try!

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Brown

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Yellow

Sailor Compass 1911 Transparent Blue

The Sailor Compass 1911 is a worthwhile consideration for entry to the Sailor brand or a fountain pen newbie. For under $50, you get a total package that includes your pen color of choice, the proprietary stainless steel nib, a matching color converter, and a set of 2 ink cartridges presented in a gift box.