Quick Look: Jinhao 993 Shark Pen

If you're looking for a pen that's a great writer and just plain fun, we've got a treat for you! In this video, Brian shares an entertaining look at the Jinhao 993 Shark pens. Check it out, but beware, you just might feel inspired to collect a whole school of these colorful cuties!

Assorted colors of the Jinhao Shark pens on blue and cream paper

The Jinhao 993 Shark pens are available at Goulet Pens. The grip is interesting; it has a slightly triangular shape to help hold the proper position. The translucent grip section also serves as an ink window. Although it appears to have a large step and apparent threads, these are largely avoided because the pen is held back past the step. Overall, it feels pretty solid for the price.

The Shark pens are extremely lightweight, only 11g total weight! This puts them in close range to the Platinum Preppy and Pilot G2 roller ball. These pens are so light, there really isn't a noticeable front or back weight, you just hold the pen!

The Shark pen is just a tad longer than your typical pen at 6.1 inches, but should still fit in your pen cases. It has a stainless steel hooded nib on the EF model, which is the only one were currently carry at Goulet Pens. The flow is good because the hood helps keep the nib wet. The nib does write with a touch of feedback. Although the nib is not glassy smooth, it is quite dependable and satisfying for the price of the pen. These pens are really good for cheap paper, especially the stuff you might see in schools. Plus, you can use with pretty much whatever fountain pen ink you want without issue.


Assorted colors of the Jinhao shark pen


The Shark pen's threaded cap requires 3 rotations to uncap. It also posts on the back of the pen so your shark buddy is giving you a smile as you write across the page. There is no clip on this pen but the fin does actually act as a roll stop!

Each and every shark pen includes a standard international converter. The ink capacity with the converter installed is about .89ml. You can also eyedropper convert this pen as well for increased capacity!

Bonus: This pen is super easy to clean with a bulb syringe for fast flushing.


Assorted colors of the Jinhao shark pens

Whether you want a pen to match every ink or you're trying to pen-able a friend with a low-cost investment, these pens can't be beat. You can find the Jinhao 993 Shark Pen for less than $5 at GouletPens.com.