Pineider Avatar = Unbreakable?

Since the introduction of Pineider fountain pens in 2017, Dante Del Vecchio has pushed the envelope in terms of pen design for the brand. From the unique Honeycomb design to the intricate Mystery Filler mechanism, there's always something new on the horizon for Pineider. Dante stopped by to discuss his latest creation, the unbreakable Pineider Avatar! Watch the interview above for a closer look at the design process and see if it's truly unbreakable as Brian smashes it with a hammer!

The newly designed Pineider Avatar was the first fountain pen to feature UltraResin, a mother of pearl compound resin, developed in Florence for Pineider. This compound is very stiff and its exceptional features make it a more durable option than traditional celluloid. UltraResin is extremely rigid, like a metal. This makes it resistant to hits, oils, inks, electricity, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and other weathering conditions.

Pineider Avatar Fountain Pens arrange by color

In addition to UltraResin, the new Avatar also features a new assembly technique called GlueLess. Thanks to 3D engineering and manufacturing, this fountain pen is assembled without using a single drop of glue.

The Avatar has a magnetic twist cap that allows a soft touch closure. The band is finely engraved and inspired by the skyline of Florence. The nib is a Rhodium-plated #6 steel nib with a new Pineider engraved logo on it. It was originally available in 6 color options; Graphene Black, Abalone Green, Angel Skin, Devil Red, Riace Bronze, and Neptune Blue.

Up close photograph of Pineider Avatar fountain pen nibs and their caps

In July 2019, new Pineider Avatar Demonstrators were introduced. These demonstrators featured translucent barrels, a new soft touch rubber grip section, and a converter with markings for the remaining ink level. Still virtually unbreakable. Since then, some matte options such as the Matte Black were also introduced.

Pineider Avatar demonstrator fountain pen on a desk