Pilot Justus 95: Quick Look

The Pilot Justus 95 is an interesting pen, and one that I've been asked about a lot since it came out late last year.

Close up of Pilot Justice 95 black and gold nib

Pilot Justus 95

Essentially, it's a large pen with a soft nib similar to the Pilot Falcon but with a the added feature of adjustable softness/hardness. There aren't a lot of pens that have this feature, and the first I'm aware from Pilot.

Here are the key points of the Justus 95:

  • Similar nib to the Pilot (Namiki) Falcon
  • Adjustable softness, that varies how much you need to press the pen to get the tines to spread
  • Softest adjustment is similar to Pilot Falcon, hardest is still flexible, but about 50% as much
  • Comes with Pilot Con-70 ink converter, the largest of the Pilot converters that is button-fill, and also accepts all other Pilot converters and cartridges
  • Available in any color you want, as long as it's black with gold trim

Is it a cool pen? Yes, yes it is. The fit and finish is awesome and the soft nib will give you an experience just like the Falcon, but with increased ink capacity and the ability to harden up the nib if you want to use the pen more as a daily writer. The reviews on my site are really good; the only complaints are the price. If the soft nib is the main selling point for you, it's tough to justify this at more than twice the price of the Falcon, but I at least wanted to educate you about what this pen has to offer for what it is.

Pilot Justus 95

Pilot Justus 95, with adjustable nib softness