Pilot Decimo: Quick Look

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It's an exciting day here at Goulet Pens! I've had my eye on the Pilot Decimo ever since we started carrying the Pilot Vanishing Point years ago. But, at the time, the Decimo wasn't being imported into the US. It wasn't until 2016 that the pens were set to be released here in the States, and now, here we are. The Decimo is very, very similar to the popular Vanishing Point, but slightly thinner and lighter in weight, offering a smaller option for those who still want the convenience of the retractable nib. Let's take a look!

6 colors of the Pilot Decimo fountain pens


Color/Finishes available:

In hand:

  • Slimmer than VP
  • 11.3mm diameter vs 13mm VP
  • Clip is on grip end, can take some getting used to
  • Some people don't like it, but fewer than you'd probably think
  • If getting it new, try a "dry run" before inking it so if you do have to return it, you get full credit
  • Smooth, no threads to worry about!
Pilot Decimo and Vanishing Point Side by Side


Pilot Vanishing Point and Decimo in a hand side by side



  • 20.4g overall
  • Noticeably lighter than 31g Pilot Vanishing Point
  • Feels very balanced in hand

Nib Options:

  • 18k gold nibs, rhodium-plated
  • Extra-Fine- very fine, feels toothiest
  • Fine- still quite fine, but smoother
  • Medium- more like a European medium, quite a jump from the Fine
  • Broad and Stub available as separate nib units, Broad is a true Broad, while the 1.0mm stub is smooth and pretty forgiving
  • Exact same nibs as the VP, swappable nib units are available too

Filling Mechanism:

Hand holding a purple Pilot Decimo over a blank page



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