Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Review

Originally, I set out for this video to be a review of the new (to the US) Pilot Custom Heritage 92, and it turned into kind of a comparison between the Custom Heritage 92, the Custom 74, Custom 823, and Prera, as well. That's why the video is so long, there are basically 4 pens packed into one video, though the main focus is on the Custom Heritage 92. This is the first time I have my hands on it, and it's a fairly pricey pen, so I wanted to really be thorough and see how it stacked up to the other Pilot pens. It comes in fine, medium, and broad, and you can see all the detailed specs at GouletPens.com.

Here are the highlights for the video:

  • Unboxing (0:41)
  • Comparison to Pilot Prera (2:00)
  • Comparison between Custom Heritage 92, Custom 74, and Custom 823 (3:02)
  • Details of the Custom Heritage 92 pen (9:25)
  • Filling the Heritage 92 (12:25)
  • Showing ink capacity (14:40)
  • Writing with a Pilot Custom Heritage 92 medium 14k nib(16:15)
  • Writing with a Pilot Prera medium steel nib (17:25)
  • Writing with a Pilot Custom 74, medium 14k nib (18:35)
  • Writing with a Pilot Custom 823, medium 14k nib (19:20)
  • Pricing of all the Pilot pens shown here (20:00)
Close up photo of the nib from the Pilot Custom Heritage 92
Nib from Pilot Custom Heritage 92 close up