Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen: Quick Look

Today I'm going to be showing you a quick look at the Pilot Custom 74. This pen has proven itself to be my #1 go-to daily writer. It's an attractive pen, but what draws me to it the most is how beautifully it writes. Here are some quick notes I made, check out the video Quick Look and you can even see my famous blue Custom 74 that I've been carrying for the last 3+ years.

Pilot Custom 74

The Pilot Custom 74 is available in 8 colors currently available in the US (other colors might be available overseas). It is a long pen, with a medium diameter which makes it comfortable for those with just about any size hand. It also has a wonderful balance and feel. The plastic is smooth and there is no harsh step on the grip section. The threads are very shallow so you'll barely feel them.

This pen comes with a 14k nib that's rhodium-plated and very springy. Nib sizes are fine, medium, and broad. The fine is quite thin making it great for absorbent paper. The ink flow is smooth and slightly wet, just about perfect for me!

It features a screw cap which is push to post. One advantage of this cap is that it has an insert to keep the nib wet that works well even when I leave it sitting for weeks at a time.

You can use several filling mechanisms in the Pilot Custom 74 including the Con-40, and the Con-70 (which is the converter it comes with). Not sure how to fill that Con-70? This video will answer all your questions. You can also use Pilot/Namiki cartridges.