Kaweco Nibs Overview

Kaweco is a great pen brand from Germany, making fountain pens and ink, along with various accessories. While not a new brand, their nibs come in several sizes, and while they are close to a traditional European grind, there are some things that I think you need to know. Watch the video and check out our article below.


I enjoyed writing with all of the nibs. They are all smooth (with some feedback) steel nibs, with a smooth and reliable flow in all sizes. While there's not a huge difference between the extra-fine and fine nibs, both of these nibs tend to write a bit on the dry side, rather than very wet. However, there is a noticeable difference between fine and medium, and a huge difference between medium and broad- and both of these nibs are more wet flowing. 

Kaweco writing samples

Since many of the Kaweco pens share the same nib, you can expect these will be consistent across many pen models. Kaweco's replacement nibs can be swapped onto the Sport, Classic Sport, ICE Sport, Al-Sport, and Liliput. Kaweco also has what they call calligraphy nibs, which are like stub nibs, and will work on the aforementioned pens. 

Kaweco calligraphy nibs writing sample

At this time, there is no nib replacement for the Kaweco Supra or Kaweco Original, however those all use a #6 nib. And there is no replacement nib for the Perkeo, although it takes a #5 nib. 


Kaweco Original Black Chrome fountain pen on white notebook paper

Kaweco Original

Kaweco Supra models

Kaweco Supra collection

Kaweco Perkeo on top of a stack of notebooks

Kaweco Perkeo

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