Introducing the LAMY aion!

Lamy Aion on notebook

Anytime LAMY introduces a new pen model, it's big news. Last year, we had the LAMY LX. Now, we're excited to introduce the LAMY aion! Designed by Jasper Morrison, this new pen model strives to exemplify structurally, unobtrusive functionality. The body and cap are constructed from solid aluminum, each made from seamless closed components.

The aion also features a new and innovative stainless steel nib that showcases unconventional contours exclusive to this pen design. Despite the new nib, it still allows for easy nib swapping that LAMY is famous for. You can even upgrade it with the You can even upgrade it with the 14kt gold LAMY replacement nibs.

Lamy Aion Nib

The pen comes with a LAMY ink cartridge, as well as the z27 converter meaning you can start writing right out of the box. The aion is a great purchase for LAMY lovers or those looking for a ‘next level' pen.

Lamy Aion