Goulet Polishing Cloth: Quick Look

I wanted to share with you the same type of cloth I've been using to keep my pens looking clean for years. Originally, I bought a polishing cloth at a jeweler's store, and I really liked the way it cleaned both the metals and resins of my pens. In sourcing one out for offering on Goulet Pens, I wanted something a little smaller for portability, and that had the two-cloth system that jeweler's cloths have. That's exactly what I have for you here in the Goulet Polishing Cloth, and I wanted to share with you how it works.

Goulet Polishing Cloth with a fountain pen

Whether you have collectible pens with metals that patina, or if you're carrying your pens daily and getting micro-fine scratches from daily use, this cloth can help you keep your pens looking like the day you took them out of the box.

Two layers of the Goulet Polishing Cloth

There are two colors of cloth, an inner white layer and outer blue layer:

White inner layer

This inner layer contains jeweler's rouge that's a non-toxic cleaning and polishing agent with tarnish inhibitors that will buff out fine scratches in resin and remove patina from fine metals like sterling silver, copper, brass and others.

  • It will darken as it cleans, no need to wet or wash it, just use as-is
  • You can even polish your gold or rhodium nibs to remove fine scratches you get from capping the pen
  • There are certain materials not recommended to use it on, but these are ones not very commonly found on pens. (Not for 24k gold, ivory, pearls, opals, coral, lapis, malachite and other soft or porous stones)

Blue outer layer

This gives a final polish and removes any residual dirt or polishing compound, to finish it off nicely.

    Goulet Polishing Cloth being used on a copper fountain pen


    It's portable, and fits nicely inside your pen case:

    They're durable, and will last you for hundreds of polishings, which will be years for most of you (you may lose it before it wears out!). I think this could be a great cloth for you if you want an easy and stylish way to keep your pens looking like the day you bought them.

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