Edison Collier: Quick Look

Time Stamps:
(0:19) – Company Info
(0:26) – Materials
(0:44) – Color Options
(1:11) – Features
(1:43) – Weight / Dimensions
(2:04) – Nib Options / How it Writes
(3:00) – Additional Features
(3:27) – Filling Mechanism / Ink Capacity
(3:53) – Price

In today's Quick Look, I'm showing off the Edison Collier. This fountain pen is one of Edison's most popular models because it's a really attractive pen & perfect as a longform daily writer. Many more details in the video above, but here are a few highlights:

  • Manufactured in the US (Milan, OH) by Brian & Andrea Gray
  • Made in a cast acrylic resin, not injection molded like less expensive pens
  • Available in an array of colors:
  • Larger pen with nearly a 9.9m grip diameter, but lightweight (26g)
  • Due to the size/weight, makes a great pen for long writing sessions
  • Steel nib units in EF, F, M, B 1.1mm, & 1.5mm.
  • Standard International Cartridge/Converter (included), also accepts long & short SI cartridges
  • Can be converted into an eyedropper with a bit of silicone grease

For those looking for their first (or next!) $100+ fountain pen, the Edison Collier makes a great choice. Backed by great warranty support, the Collier is as comfortable as it is attractive.

Blue Edison Collier Fountain Pen on Traveler's Notebook uncapped
Edison fountain pen pen writing sample

You can check out all of the available colors for the Edison Collier at GouletPens.com.