Discussing the LAMY 2000: Quality Control

For years now we've been receiving emails and order comments requesting that we test out customers' LAMY 2000 nibs for "quality control" issues they've read about online. As we want to have awesome service, we test them on request, and seldom find anything actually wrong with the pens. After testing hundreds of pens, we thought it was time to share our experience and hopefully clear up some of the misconception we feel is out there about the way they perform.

LAMY 2000 fountain pens in stainless steel and black, on a red notebook

So what specifically are we discussing here? It's mainly the issue of "quality control" in terms of how the LAMY 2000 writes. It definitely has a "sweet spot", meaning that it's sensitive to the rotation in your hand. Rotate it a little too much (especially to the right) and it'll skip or hard start. It's a little more sensitive than other pens in this way, and it's because of the way the nib is ground. It's very consistent from one pen to another, so it really isn't a QC issue, just a matter of design of the pen (the nib, specifically).

Close-up of the LAMY 2000 fountain pen nib

The nib is ground a bit less round then most other nibs, so it's less forgiving. It's also very short and pretty stiff, so increased pressure won't do much to compensate for over-rotation. If you write with more pressure, it will feel scratchy. It's our assessment that most of the complaints about scratchiness of the LAMY 2000 is related to the increased pressure some writers tend to use to compensate for over-rotation. It doesn't really matter if you're a lefty or righty, it's all about hitting that sweet spot!

All this said, we're still happy to inspect upon request when ordering at Goulet Pens, and we go a long way to help troubleshoot if there are any issues. We love the LAMY 2000 and we are in good company in saying it's one of the best fountain pens around today, especially for those stepping up into gold nibs. But it helps to know what you're getting into, and with a little getting used to, you can join the ranks of LAMY 2000 fans around the world.


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