Black Pilot Vanishing Point Nibs

Pilot has released black-plated nibs for the Vanishing Point, Fermo, and Decimo. These nibs are identical to the yellow gold and rhodium-plated nibs, made of 18k gold and plated with an undisclosed black metal material. Available in EF, F, M, and B sizes, these nibs will perform the same as the other VP nibs but give you a sleek, dark look to your VP. I show off the nib in several different VP's in this video.

The black color does look somewhat similar to the rhodium at first glance, but trust me, in person the difference is more striking. Here are the three VP nib color options:

Black Pilot Vanishing Point Nibs gold, black and rhodium

Vanishing Point colors that I think look best with black nibs:

Pens that fit these nibs:

The black Vanishing Point nibs cost the same as the gold and rhodium nibs. What's great about these nibs is they are easily swappable between the pens mentioned above, so you can keep a variety of nib size and colors handy and change up your pens with ease.