Are Fountain Pens Easy To Use?

Are fountain pens easy to use? We like to think so! If you're just getting started or want to get back into fountain pens, we're here to help.

Our Product Ambassador Drew is going to walk you through the most simple ways to start writing with a fountain pen in this video.

Top 5 Fountain Pens for Newbies
Getting Started with a New Fountain Pen
Fountain Pen 101
Anatomy of a Fountain Pen


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:40 What is a fountain pen?
  • 1:01 How do you fill it?
  • 1:25 What about maintenance?
  • 1:54 How does it write?
  • 2:28 Ramping things up with a converter!
  • 3:13 Choosing a nib size!
  • 3:42 More helpful resources!

While you can use any fountain pen, here are a few that we recommend as good ones to get started with, and are very easy to use! Take a look at the TWSBI ECO & TWSBI ECO- T, the Pilot Metropolitan, or the LAMY safari.